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Candace Cameron Bure was crowned Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas Queen” after making her 10th holiday film.

The actress, who is currently starring in “The Christmas Contest,” admitted that it was overwhelming at first.


“I felt a tremendous amount of pressure [last year] As every film does well in ratings,” the 45-year-old recently told us weekly, “And then you always want to hit that mark and cross that mark. And last year, I finally let it go because that’s not the reason I make these movies.”

The former “Fuller House” star said it’s important for her to create family-friendly programming. And he’s not looking to pass up his coveted title any time soon.

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“I make them because I love them,” explained Cameron Bure. “And I know the audience that sees them really loves them, and they mean something to them. I always try to make the best of it, but I let the pressure go last year.”

“It made it so much better because I enjoyed it,” she continued. “And, you know, I’m trying not to think about all the other markers. Let it be what it is and enjoy it.”

Back in July 2020, Cameron Bure told Granthshala News that she is proud of her Christian beliefs.

“My faith is really the foundation of who I am,” the actress explained. “It’s very important to me, and it’s always a part of me, whether at home and in private, or when I’m reading the Bible in a Bible study. But also at work, and the choices I make within work. And the companies I choose to work with are the projects I want to take on.”

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(LR) Candace Cameron Bure is a proud mother of three children.

“To me the Bible is true,” Cameron Burr continued. “I can always go back to God’s Word and find hope, encouragement, positivity, the faith that I know I have in Jesus. And so it never fails, even when life doesn’t go that way.” I know that everything is under God’s control to do as I wish or had planned it.

“I live by faith in everything I do, and in every aspect of my life. So it’s not just something I rely on or a crutch. I mean, it’s really who I am. How does that help me? It’s hard to say because it’s just a part of my existence.”

The “Fuller House” star admitted that over the years, she’s had to pass up multiple scripts because they didn’t match her beliefs.

She shared, “I have too many, passing up projects, saying no to projects because they don’t feel right to me.” “And a lot of that was because of the limitations I made for myself within the choices I knew I was going to make. And some of them were really easy to cross.”

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Candace Cameron Bure (center) with Jodi Sweetin (left) and Andrea Barber with her 'Fuller House' cast.

However, Cameron Bure revealed that while some projects may sound lucrative, her confidence has always come first in her career.

“Some of them, it definitely hurt,” Cameron Bure said. “Some are what I wanted, and you’re like, ‘Ugh, that’s not so bad.’ But in my heart, I’m like, ‘But this just ain’t right for me.’ And that’s what I’ve always believed, that if I can’t walk away after doing something and be so proud of it, or if there’s some kind of red flag in my heart that I might regret it, never again, if It’s not something that everyone feels bad about, but in my soul, it doesn’t feel right, so I just know that it’s easier to judge who I am.”