‘Halo Infinite’ bug causes player to spawn outside of the map

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When the Spartans choose peace over war

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just for the time being hello infinityAs the campaign continues, a player has discovered a bug that has placed them outside the map in multiplayer.

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As usual, player one jumped in hello infinity multiplayer match but quickly discovered that things were not behaving normally. Instead of being born with their peers, they found that they were isolated on the side of the mountain.

he posted the incident reddit (Viewed by right hand), and said “I didn’t move because I wanted to capture the moment, but apparently on my partner’s screen I was standing right where my squad was born. That was weird.”


Some players believe this is due to the dissync when the game moves a player spartan into the game from the intro video. “Supposedly. The real bug is allowing any movement of the character before the ‘fireteam intro’ screen ends.” Another commenter said.

“I’m able to do this, fire my gun, throw grenades and hear others do the same. However, on my teammates’ screens they will move in a weird way like an ops gif, but my For everyone to be normal and I’ll be weird looking. Maybe an assumption has been made in the network updating player locations before the start of the round, unnecessary because we’re just playing animations for our team. So We’re only looking for space on the client in the end.”

The comments suggest that moving will re-sync your character with the server, and the match will continue as usual. The bug doesn’t seem common or significantly affect gameplay.

hello infinityThe campaign mode of is now out and available for download. Players weren’t able to pre-load the required content, but with the multiplayer component downloaded, players should have a faster download.

In other news, fifa 22 The squad for Week 12 has been revealed and includes Bernardo Silva, Jordan Henderson, and more.

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