House Hannity reported Monday that the House Democrats’ $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief bill is a socialist “wish list” that would also subsidize blue states that have misused their budgets for many years.

“No Democrat spending bill is complete without subsidies for illegal immigrants, federal money for abortions. If [ths bill is] Passed … Planned paternity will now qualify for PPP small business loans, which then become grants and bridges for Canada and the Environmental Justice Equity Commission for Farmers, health care in other countries, said host “HANITY”.

“[It’s] Also a budget bailout… for New York, Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsome in California. This is not a serious, thoughtful COVID relief package. What it really is is a huge federal payout for all and every state that donates and supports Democrat candidates in 2020. “

“Even during the global crisis,” Hannity said, “there are frequent political games on the left.”


The host said Democrats have shown that coronovirus relief should not be taken as seriously as a bill would indicate. Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-California, who will prevent former President Donald Trump from being buried in Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery.

“In the midst of an epidemic, when more than 100,000 Americans [have] “Joe Biden died in the White House at the time, raging against President Trump is still the top priority of the Democratic Party and the media crowd,” he said.

“Apparently the same Democrats have been in no particular rush to pass a COVID relief package and get funding into the hands of Americans who really need it,” Hannity concludes. “Large part of expenditure [in the COVID bill] It is unrelated to receive immediate assistance to our fellow Americans through any fault of their own. In fact, approximately $ 700 billion will not be spent until after 2022, with billions not to be spent until after 2024.

“Then we should ask ourselves tonight how is that COVID relief?”