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Ron Howard knows exactly who he wants to see as he tackles his role of Richie Cunningham in the “Happy Days” revival.

The filmmaker and actor sat down with his brother, fellow star Clint Howard, and opened up about the frequent questions he often hears from fans who are excited by the prospect of the show returning.


“It’s kid, his career is really going to take off, so who knows, but let’s just say I think Jack Dylan Grazer will be great,” Howard said. entertainment tonight Discussing her new memoir with 62-year-old brother Clint, titled “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.”

“He’s Brian Grazer — my partner at Imagine Entertainment — his nephew. But nepotism aside, I think he’d be great,” Howard said.

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The cast, who starred as Cunningham on the series from 1974 to 1984, said, “He would have been a cooler, hipper Richie Cunningham. If he was willing to take the job.”

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Howard, 67, has always been keen to give production opportunities to those he calls family. His daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, directed a film called “Dads”, which paints a portrait of contemporary fatherhood. It features appearances by the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Kimmel, Will Smith, Hasan Minhaj, Ken Jeong, Kenan Thompson and more from everyday men around the world.

The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2019 and was later released by Apple TV+ in June 2020.

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Meanwhile, the 18-year-old Grazer recently landed a lead role in Pixar’s animated film “Luca” and also starred in 2017’s “It” and the 2019 follow-up, “Chapter Two.”

Elsewhere, in a sit-down, the Howard brothers turned their attention to the upcoming 20-year anniversary for “A Beautiful Mind,” a title that earned Howard two Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture. It also saw Russell Crowe earn an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Director Ron Howard and actor Clint Howard have written a memoir titled 'The Boys', in which they reflect on their lives growing up on Hollywood sets with their parents, actors Rance and Gene Howard.

Howard admitted, “Boy, I haven’t seen ‘Beautiful Mind’ since it was released in theaters.” “I don’t look back very often, I just keep busy and I’m always on to the next project. But I have great memories of it.”

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He continued: “When you say ‘beautiful mind,’ I immediately go to a whole series of moments where Russell Crowe was so creative and so daring and would draw on those aspects of his own psyche that were so powerful. Well, I was really in awe. It was the artistry that I was seeing, and so this film is because of some of Akiva Goldsman’s great writing and this remarkable performance at the center of it.”

Goldsman would go on to win an Oscar for the screenplay.

“The Boys” is written from first-person narrative as the Howard brothers grow up with their parents, actors Rance and Gene Howard, on a Hollywood set.

It also goes into his career and career as showbiz royalty since Howard was just six years old when he rose to fame as Opie Taylor on the wildly popular sitcom “The Andy Griffith Show,” which transformed people’s lives into Mayberry, Chronicled in North Carolina. Lasted till 1960-68.