Have a group of volunteer sleuths identified the Zodiac Killer?

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A group of volunteers made up of former investigative experts claims to have identified the Zodiac killer, one of the world’s most notorious serial killers who terrorized San Francisco in the late 1960s.

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team, known as case breaker, consisting of more than 40 former law enforcement officers, private investigators, federal agents and forensic experts, also claims that the 1966 murder in Southern California was also the work of the Zodiac.

Zodiac taunts officials with coded messages, or ciphers, sent to newspapers, and their identities have never been revealed, but several potential suspects have been investigated over the years.


Case breakers allege that Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018, was the Zodiac killer, pointing to clues uncovered by him over the years.

These include photographs found in his darkroom, a pattern of marks or wrinkles on his forehead that matches police sketches of the Zodiac, and forensic evidence, including DNA.

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Another claim is that if you remove the letters of Mr Poste’s full name from a cipher, it reveals an alternate message.

The group also believes Mr Poste is responsible for the unsolved murder of Cherry Joe Bates in Riverside, California on October 31, 1966 – two years before the first murder was linked to the Zodiac in the Bay Area hundreds of miles to the north.

Ms Bates was reported missing by her father and was brutally stabbed to death in an alleyway with 42 wounds on her body by the Town College library.

Case breakers are pressuring local police to compare Mr Poste’s DNA samples with DNA samples stored since they were collected from the crime scene in 1966.

A confession sent to local police a month after the murder contains phrases similar to those used by Zodiac, but was later discounted by officers in 2016 following an anonymously typed message that contained an earlier letter. was called a “sick joke”.

Riverside Police Department’s Homicide Cold Case Unit told Fox News: “Our Homicide Cold Case Unit has determined that the 1966 murder of Cheri Joe Bates is not related to the Zodiac killer.”

“We understand the public interest in these unsolved murders, but all inquiries regarding the Zodiac killer should be referred to the FBI.”

Case breakers insist that other evidence links Mr. Poste to Bates’ murder, including past ties to the local area; A wristwatch with a splatter of paint found at the crime scene – she painted houses for decades – and a heel print from a boot in the shape and style worn by Mr. Poste and Zodiac.

Five known victims were attributed to the Zodiac between December 1968 and October 1969 in the San Francisco Bay Area. He targeted young couples, of whom two men were alive, and killed a lone male cab driver.

in his letters and ciphers sent to San Francisco Chronicle, Zodiac once claimed to have murdered 37 victims, and has been linked to several other cold cases, some in Southern California or out-of-state.

Of the four ciphers he produced, two remain unresolved to this day – the first was broken in 1969, second in 2020 by private citizens. The FBI said in 2020 that the investigation was ongoing.

Decades later, the murders and investigations have spawned numerous books, documentaries, TV shows and films.


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