Congress needs to get to the bottom of whether tech platforms such as Robinhood and Disord collaborated with hedge funds to limit the trading of shares in companies such as GameStop last week. R-Mo., Told “America Reports” on Tuesday.

Hawley described John Roberts and Sandra Smith as co-hosts that “day traders and retail investors”, who have halted the stock price rise of companies such as Gametop, have now received more criticism than people last week and Has investigated more. In 2008, Ekalpeeth demolished the entire financial system and then got bail for it. “

In an op-ed published on Monday On website first things, Hawley wrote: “GameSpot Meltdown has revealed … that the markets are right and efficient and they are run by the right people to the fore.”

SEN. Josh confectioner, R-MO: I mean, it’s really extraordinary. You look at these big banks, these hedge funds, they are fine with this casino-like behavior, so as long as they benefit. But as soon as they don’t benefit, they want to go out and punish people – in this case, just about every day for traders and retail investors who are making it difficult for them. And I think that’s a problem.

I think we have to get all the facts completely, which is one reason why I have not yet asked for any new steps by Congress, because I think we need to find out that here What has happened. But what we know at this point, we definitely look at these technology platforms [like] Robinhood, discord, we see them react in what they see… collusion with the situation of hedge funds and banks. And those are some facts that we need to get.

Because I can tell you, if these tech platforms are working in concert with these big hedge funds to protect those big entities and shut down day traders and retail investors, that’s a big problem, And I think it should be called out.

One more thing on Janet Yellen we need to bring the facts to the fore. I mean, we’ve got the Treasury Secretary, who earns about a million dollars from the stronghold, one of them a hedge fund. Is she violating her pledge of morality? She Said that she herself is anything from the stronghold … and yet … the fact that she is monitoring the situation is part of this. She There is a need to remain true to his morality.