“He is the world’s best wrestler” – Corey Graves calls SmackDown Superstar the best in the world

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    WWE SmackDown commentator Corey Graves has talked about SmackDown superstar Cesaro and how he is the world’s best wrestler.

    Corey Graves talked about Cesaro on the After the Bell podcast and explained how he is “finding love” in the WWE. Graves and fellow host Vic Joseph talked about Cesaro’s Talking Smack promo, after which Graves called Cesaro the world’s best wrestler.

    “This was the man I have known, that many of us in the locker room have walked down the street for years, this is the guy we know. And for some reason, Cesaro is the guy who is not translated Is. Megastardom in WWE because it is not his strong suit. He is not an entertaining, captivating orator. He is the best wrestler in the world. Period, point blank. It has finally reached the point where he has realized that he will ever He is going to be: the best wrestler in the world. I don’t say reduce it or make it less important. Who is Cesaro. That’s what he brings to the table. He The strongest man in the WWE is pound-to-pound. It’s not a tag line we say, I think it’s probably true, and man is a magician bell by bell. “

    Corey Graves said he was happy that Cesaro was getting the opportunity he deserves right now and hopes the 40-year-old’s current run is the spark that takes him to the top of the card.

    Corey Graves opens up about how Cesaro is backstage

    Corey Graves also described how Cesaro as the person behind the scenes and talks about the SmackDown superstar.

    “He There is a wonderful person behind the curtain. One of my favorite people in the locker room. We have raised each other, both of us have appreciated about things, when things have gone bad, we have celebrated when things are good. I am honest to God in my soul, happy, and I am hoping that this is the spark that needs to take Cesaro to the top of the card and become a main event player in WWE. “

    At this weekend’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Cesaro will be one of six men in the Elimination Chamber match, whose winner will face Roman Reigns later in the night.

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    Published 18 February 2021, 16:26 IST

    WWE SmackDown Cesaro Corey Graves


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