Hero, 11, rescues 2-year-old sister from Maryland apartment fire

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A small but mighty hero saved his 2-year-old sister after a Maryland apartment building caught fire Tuesday evening.

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11-year-old La Prentice Doughty ran out of the Salisbury building at the sight of the fire, but when he realized he had little loyalty left in him, he quickly went back to the second floor. the state fire marshal said.

The boy, willing to put his life on the line for his sister, suffered a “very minor burn on his arm” after running away a second time.


“If I didn’t save my sister, I would be angry with myself because I could have easily saved her. I could have saved her, and I could have risked my life for my sister,” La’Prentice told WBOC.

The siblings’ mother, Keshauna Banks, said she was still in shock, but thankful for her young son’s bravery.

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“I feel bad because I don’t know how to reward him right now. I praise him and say do you know you did a good job?” Banks said.

Banks said she was at the grocery store to collect Thanksgiving dinner items when her best friend called her and told her about the fire, According to the GoFundMe post.

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La’Prentis suffered a very minor burn on his arm.

Firefighters are extinguishing the fire.

La’Prentis said “I would risk my life for my sister.”

Firefighters are extinguishing the fire.

The fire caused approximately $250,000 in structural damage.

Firefighters are extinguishing the fire.

The flames started from an “unspecified electrical incident at an outlet” in one of the second-floor bedrooms.

When she returned she found that she and her children had “lost everything except the clothes that were on our backs.”

The fire marshal said the fire destroyed two of the eight units inside the building. This caused $250,000 in structural damage and $40,000 in personal property damage.

The fire started from an “unspecified electrical incident at an outlet” in a second-floor bedroom.

La’Prentis, Loyalty and their mother are staying at a hotel and are being assisted by the American Red Cross.

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