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Dramatic bodycam video showed three police officers in Pennsylvania rescuing a man found unconscious inside a burning apartment building – and all three are now being hailed as heroes by local authorities.


The fire started on August 25 at Bucks Meadows Apartments in Benslem Township, northeast of Philadelphia. According to the Bucks County District Attorney’s office, Benslem police officers, identified as Steve Ambs, Kenneth Branford and Samuel Ladd, responded to the fire and immediately jumped into action.

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“They arrived and immediately saw smoke billowing out of Building 5 and began helping people evacuate from nearby buildings,” the office said in a statement.

Despite no fire protection equipment in place at the time, the three officers went into Building 5, which had turned “pitch-black” and filled with smoke, Ambs reported. District Attorney Matt Weintraub in a Facebook video Appreciating their efforts. Using a flashlight, he saw the man lying unconscious at the door of the second-floor apartment.

The three officers, unable to breathe due to the thick smoke, had to first run out of the building. But they quickly climbed the stairs and got the man out safely.

Bodycam video showed officers holding one of the hands and feet of the unconscious man. The victim was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, but has since improved and remains stable.

“You’re kind of blackout in the moment, but I remember just taking him out and taking him out to safety, and then we went to make sure no one else was back there,” Ladd said.

Two officers are seen outside a burning building at Bucks Meadows Apartments in Benslem Township, Pennsylvania, on August 25, 2021. (credit: Bucks County District Attorney’s Office via Storyful)

Weintraub interviewed the three officers, called them “heroes” and thanked each of them for their service to the community.

“Today I am truly honored and privileged to be with three of our best police officers in Benslem Township,” Weintraub said in facebook video “We are all so blessed that each of you protected us as we go about our lives.”

Ambs, who was a police officer in the department for four years, said helping others is the main reason he wears the police badge.

“I think everyone is here for a reason – and it’s my call to help people,” he said.

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This story was reported from Cincinnati.