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Former law enforcement agents are sounding the alarm about open borders affecting Texas communities, including El Paso, where migrants have recently been found sleeping on the streets.

Retired ICE Special Agent Lupe De La O, retired Border Patrol agent Bill Jackson, and Texas congressional candidate Irene Armandriz-Jackson joined “Fox and Friends” on Thursday to share how the policies of the Biden administration have helped humane created a crisis.


Lupe said, “The only solution is to close the border. That’s where we start. We ask people not to come. And not only for the health, safety and security of our American citizens, but for their safety as well.” “

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Jackson said that “Texas has been suffering” because of the Biden administration’s border policies, and as a result, El Paso is “overwhelmed.” He stressed that although the immigration system is broken, the Trump administration’s border policies “proved effective, if used properly.”

Jackson’s wife, Armandariz-Jackson—who is running to represent El Paso in Congress—fired Democrats’ narrative that cracking down on illegal immigration is anti-Hispanic.

“It’s a lie from the pit of hell and right where it is. If Democrats really care about the Hispanic population in the United States, they will actually control the border and bring in border security,” she told Brian Kilmeade .

Armandriz-Jackson emphasized that the border communities are 80% Hispanic and are therefore most hurt by “absolute disregard for our law” by encouraging illegal immigration.

“We see people walking around the neighborhood saying they shouldn’t put our own children in danger. Here in the neighborhood where my husband and I live, we are close to the airport, and illegal people are released all the time. There are two primary schools, two middle schools and one high school. What about the safety of our children?”

Lupe concluded that after serving at the Border for 20 years he had “never looked at the Border so bad”.

“I put my life at stake for 20 years. All my coworkers, we all did. We did our best to defend our borders. And now I’m angry. I’m deeply, deeply hurt, and I’m very I am angry. I am very angry. I want to give an example. For example, we don’t know who is coming. We don’t know whether they are terrorists, rapists, murderers or not.”

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The head of the border patrol said an internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) guidance memorandum from May asking border agents to release illegal immigrants into the interior of the U.S. — in anticipation of a surge at the border if Title 42 was officially approved. But the 31 years I’ve been with the agency have been unprecedented.

The memo obtained by Fox News Digital this week authorized the Border Patrol to release migrants to the US to avoid overcrowding when Title 42 ends.

Chief Raul Ortiz made the comments under oath during a recorded statement on July 28, as part of a finding by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and other border agencies.

Fox News’ Kelly Laco contributed to this report.