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The US labor shortage is suffocating every sector of the US economy, making it difficult for companies to operate during the crucial holiday season.

Still, companies are hiring in large numbers to overtake the buyer rush over the next few months, but the positions are not easy to fill.


In the past two months, 19 million jobs were posted and about 14.3 million of them are still vacant, according to a new report from PeopleReady, which specializes in on-demand labor and highly skilled workers.

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In fact, it is taking at least a month to fill the most demanding jobs.

“From hospitality to retail, staff shortages will have a tremendous impact on holiday hiring this season,” said Taryn Owen, chief operating officer of PeopleReady and PeopleScout. “Jobs that have been easy to fill in earlier years will face challenges this year.”

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This has become a problem due to the fact that temporary and part-time workers are considered “critical during the holiday season.”

As a result, “companies are increasingly turning to staffing firms to ensure they have the necessary staff to meet consumer demand,” Owen said.

Based on its analysis of millions of job postings across the US over the past two months, PeopleReady found that the most in-demand jobs for retail associates, warehouse workers, server and food service workers, hosts/hostesses as well as cleaners and housekeepers Huh. holiday season.

The report also indicated that major companies including Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, CVS and Dollar General are among the top employers currently hiring.

Amazon announces hiring of 125 thousand workers nationwide ahead of its annual career day

To reinforce this point, Amazon recently announced plans to hire an additional 125,000 employees nationwide, as the industry prepares for another holiday season. Similarly, Walmart also announced that it is hiring 150,000 US store associates to meet demand, even as labor shortages continue in the country.

According to statistics, when divided by state, California has the most job postings in August and September, followed by Texas, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania.

However, in terms of cities, New York City has advertised the most jobs in the past two months, followed by Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Austin, San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle.