According to officials, at least seven people were in custody late Sunday after homeless activists, some armed with hatches and knives, “forcibly” occupied the lobby and 17 rooms of Olympia’s Red Lion Hotel.

The activities were with a group who called themselves Housing Now. The report said that they took over the hotel due to fears of an epidemic.

City officials said in a release that the Olympia Police Department (OPD) received reports that employees were feeling threatened by the group and that at least one employee was allegedly assaulted.

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Law enforcement and SWAT teams move away from the nearby roadway and are passing from floor to hotel floor, Olympian informed of. Officials said that a group of hotel employees, who fled to the basement after the workers entered the hotel, were safely removed from the building.

Shaun Sowerby, a journalist, tweeted that a loud bang was heard inside the hotel before 11 pm local time. She Said that there was an attempt by the authorities to evacuate the building.

According to s on social media, the crowd on the street from the hotel was later seen chanting and harassing local law enforcement.

The report said that on Saturday night the group bought one night at the hotel and moved 33 homeless people. By midday on Sunday, 35 members of the group gathered outside the lobby and hotel. He issued a list of demands and planned to stay indefinitely until Thurston County provided funding for permanent housing.

Around 11 am, officials said that people inside Red Lion called 911 and told them that a group was trying to forcibly capture the hotel.

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“Staff reported that some members of the activist group inside the hotel were armed with items like hatchets, batons, knives and had gasmucks, helmets and goggles in preparation for a collision.” Redemption.

Officials said the city’s crisis response unit is on the scene and people unaware of it will be connected to “services”. The occupants are not allowed to stay in the hotel.

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Mayor Cheryl Selby said, “Ensuring that our unwell residents have access to safe and affordable housing for more than a decade.” “Olympia has taken the lead on coordinating shelter and other basic needs to respond to homelessness. The strategy used by Ollie Housing Now today is unproductive and will not make the mission more attainable.”