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An Ohio man has been indicted in the fatal shootings of two teenagers who were found smoking marijuana inside a vehicle in his garage.


Victor Santana, 65, of Dayton, will be sentenced later this month after pleading guilty to murder and heinous assault on Thursday.

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Officials said Santana found two 17-year-olds inside their separate garage late in August 2019.

He wanted to use the state’s new “Stand Your Ground” defense, but a judge ruled earlier this year that it could not be applied retroactively to the murders of Devin Henderson and Xavier Harrison.

His lawyer, Lucas Wilder, said that Santana saw him pass through his front gate and was afraid they were about to enter his house so he took his gun and went out to find him.

Santana didn’t know if he had weapons or was going to attack him, Wilder said during the trial.

“At that moment, fear hits him and he decides to shoot,” he said, According to the Dayton Daily News.

Jashin Gibson – who was with the teen but was not injured and was hiding under the car – testified that Santana opened the door and opened fire into the vehicle without warning.