‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ update adds DLSS to PC version

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Plus some minor updates on shaders

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Latest Update For Horizon: Zero Dawn It’s here on PC, and with it comes DLSS upscaling and several other updates.

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If you don’t know what NVIDIA’s DLSS is, it stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. Essentially, it’s a type of video rendering that renders frames at a lower resolution to help with framerate, which then uses AI to upscale the game so that it can render at a higher resolution.

For Horizon: Zero Dawn, this means that DLSS will allow players to play games at resolutions that their PCs would not have been able to do before. It will also help people who have low-end PCs and play games at a more crisper resolution. A similar feature from AMD, FidelityFX Super Resolution, has also been added as part of the update.


The update didn’t just focus on DLSS. UI changes come with updates, especially for convenience Horizon: Zero Dawn DLSS is. The specific change means that the Render Scale option has been removed, but can now be accomplished by adjusting the Upscale Method and Upscale Quality settings.

There were also some performance improvements, mostly focused on the shader management system. Now, there won’t be any shader pre-compilation steps on startup, so it will all happen during loading and in the background. But the loading screen may now take longer due to the shader compilation that happens during load. The background shader compilation causes the game to stall at times, but this has been significantly reduced.

More recently, a PlayStation Blog post detailed Horizon: Of the Forbidden West world blueprint. The sequel will put a big emphasis on the synergy between the different tribes you’ll find in the world and their habitat.

In other news, rapper and producer Dr. Dre will release new music for free gta online Expansion.

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