Hospital employs extra security after queuing mourners sneak in to avoid rain

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t Thomas Hospital has hired additional security staff after some mourners lined up to see the Queen lying in the state, allegedly lying in the building to use the facilities and avoid the rain.

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Thousands have lined up on the banks of the Thames to catch a glimpse of the emperor’s coffin, which sits at Westminster Hall from 5 p.m. until his state funeral on Monday.

The line started at Lambeth Bridge next to the hospital and ran to Westminster Bridge on Wednesday morning. It is expected to spread for several miles to Bermondsey in the coming days.


A man in the queue told the Standard that mourners who had camped overnight had entered St Thomas’ Hospital to sleep in the A&E waiting area and escape the rain.

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Members of the public join the queue on the South Bank

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He added that hospital staff “hauled him out”.

A spokesman for the Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust said they had been made aware of people coming to use toilets and facilities overnight and urged mourners to go elsewhere.

“We’ve got an additional security presence at the site to make sure the hospital is there for patients and staff,” he said.

It is understood that there will be an element of self-policing when it comes to keeping their place in the queue for liars in the state.

Those waiting in line will be given a colored and numbered wristband, unique to each person, allowing them to leave for a reasonable amount of time.

It is believed that people in line will know those around them and will be helpful when others need to step out.

Thousands of stewards, volunteers, marshals and police will be present in the coming days to help guide visitors who come to see the Queen lying down in the kingdom.

The government has made preparations to set up a 10-mile long queue.

About 800 professional managers will work per shift, assisted by 100 civil servants, volunteer marshals and dozens of adult scouts, first aid officers, officers and Red Cross workers.

The government said more than 500 portals have also been set up in central London as crowds gather to pay tribute to him in the city.


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