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Unique: The House GOP reelection committee is shedding light on a preliminary list of promising Republican candidates running in the mid-2022 midterms in some of the nation’s most competitive congressional districts.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) list, first shared with Granthshala News on Tuesday, includes 32 candidates from districts across the country.


Those on the list are labeled as “on the radar” candidates, which is in the preliminary stages of the NRCC “Young Guns” program. The 14-year program, led by the NRCC in conjunction with House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, helps equip Republican candidates across the country who show promise of running successful campaigns with the “tools they need” to win.

McCarthy, aiming to retake the House, sees mid-2022 as ‘100-year storm’

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Candidates deemed “on the radar” are Republicans running in competing districts who have demonstrated potential by raising funds for the campaign and meeting minimums for the organization.

“Our movement is more cohesive, energetic, and passionate than I’ve ever seen,” McCarthy, R-California, told Granthshala News. “I am proud to welcome these candidates to the Young Guns program and look forward to working together to not only take the House – but to build a sustainable Republican majority.”

While Republicans lost the 2020 elections to the White House and their Senate majority, they defied expectations and took a big bite out of the Democrats’ large House majority. To regain the majority it lost in the 2018 election, the GOP needs a net gain of just five seats in the 435-seat chamber in the 2022 midterm.

In the mid-2020s, 25 of the 36 “Young Guns” were elected to Congress. And the NRCC also notes that the program has helped elect more than 150 GOP members to Congress since its inception.

The list includes Walt Blackman and Ellie Crane (AZ-01), Juan Ciscomani (AZ-02), Christopher Rodriguez (CA-49), Brady Duke and Corey Mills (FL-07), Amanda Makki and Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13) ), Jake Evans, Harold Earls, and Megan Hanson (GA-06), Rich McCormick (GA-07), Zach Noon (IA-03), Esther Joy King (IL-17), Amanda Adkins (KS-03) , Bruce Poliquin (ME-02), Tyler Kistner (MN-02) and Ryan Zinke (MT-02).

Also Tim Baxter, Gail Huff Brown, Carolyn Levitt and Matt Mowers (NH-01), Tom Keane Jr. (NJ-07), Colin Schmidt (NY-18), Marcus Molinaro (NY-19), Alec Scarlatos (NJ- 01) are included. OR-04), Lisa Schaller (PA-07), Monica de la Cruz Hernandez (TX-15), Wesley Hunt (TX-38), Jen Keegans (VA-02), Jesse Jensen (WA-08) and Derrick Vans Orden (WI-03).