EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans are accusing President Biden of pursuing a “far-left” agenda on immigration – an agenda they say is “seriously irresponsible” and is creating a new crisis at the border.

The letter emphasizes the need to reduce US sovereignty by destroying our country’s borders by signing a letter signed by Republicans of 19 countries. Rep. Jim banks, R-And, say. “Your administration is creating a new humanitarian crisis by attracting men, women and children to the border by adopting a far-left immigration agenda.”

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Other MPs on the letter include Rep. Brian Babib, R-Texas, Rep. Madison kavarthan, R-Nc, Rep. Mary Miller R-All. And Rep. Michael Waltz, R- Flap.

The letter comes amid a flood of warnings by Republicans that several moves by the Biden administration are attracting migrants northward and there are huge risks at the border.

Biden has withdrawn the Migrant Security Protocol (MPP) – which keeps migrants in Mexico during cases of migrants – has finished building the wall on the southern border, and issued guidance to ICE that states enforcement priorities is. Meanwhile, he has supported a broad immigration bill that would give citizenship to millions of illegal migrants already in the country.

Republicans say that, in conjunction with the COVID-19 epidemic, it is facilitating a health crisis at the border. They report that families are gathering in border towns, sleeping in squalid conditions as they are expected to enter the US

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“It is hard to imagine that sleeping in a ditch would be healthy for a child under normal circumstances, much less during an epidemic. Do you believe that these families attracted to the border by your policies follow the CDC’s Public Guidance Guidelines Have been. About COVID-19 and social disturbances? “They ask.

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They also point to the fact that customs and border security (CBP) have been forced, due to a number of factors including the epidemic, a surge of migrants and a new stand by Mexico to release families and unaccompanied minors. US – A practice nickname is “catch-and-release” which the former administration abolished.

“Thousands of these people have already been released in our country, a byproduct of you restoring the ‘catch and release’ policies of the Obama era,” lawmakers say. “At a time when our health care system is facing, as you noted, its biggest challenge in 100 years, the number of individuals at risk of COVID-19 outbreak is severely irresponsible. “


They also claim that the administration’s intention to support equal access to COVID-19 vaccines for illegal immigrants would “work to prevent other countries from supporting vaccination in their own countries and to pursue illegal immigration . “

“We demand your administration to rethink their policies in light of their immediate public health problems,” he writes. “While we understand that political gains may be on the left side of such policies, we pray that Americans’ health and well-being, families at the border, and the global community transcend partisan politics.”

Republicans have zeroed in on the border crisis, and Already the alarm is ringing before Biden enters the White House.

Last week the ICE issued new guidance limiting enforcement priorities in three categories, while the US began allowing asylum seekers from Mexico as a rollback of the Migrant Security Protocol (MPP).