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House Republicans Are Asking Credit Card giants If they support a plan to make it easier to track down firearms buyers.

Rep. Alice Stefnik, R.N.Y.. Members argue that the plan opens the back door to an unofficial gun registry in the country.


Members of the House are concerned about a move by the Internal Organization for Standardization to create a Merchant Category Code (MCC) that would identify when someone used a credit card to buy a firearm.

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comes after the trick New York State Attorney General Letitia James It said that “credit card companies must now take the next step and flag suspicious transactions on the sale of gun and ammunition,” earlier this month.

“Of course, as of this date there is no accepted, consistent, scientific or valid method for determining what is and is not a ‘suspicious’ purchase,” the members of the House wrote. “Gun control advocates may view any desire to own or obtain a firearm as suspicious. Instead, it seeks to relax the exercise of constitutionally protected rights and existing legal restrictions on the creation of firearms registries by the government.” There is a transparent attempt to circumvent it.”

The credit card CEO last year dismissed an effort to create a firearm-specific MCC, saying he believed the payments network to serve as a moral authority to say who Whether or not a legal item can be purchased sets a dangerous precedent.

However, the CEO changed his position following the amalgamated bank’s application for a new MCC in June 2022, according to the letter.