Households warned insurance might not cover a fridge freezer full of spoiled food in run-up to Christmas… – here’s what to check on your policy

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  • Many households are said to be stockpiling frozen food for the Christmas period.
  • With the ongoing energy crisis, there are concerns about power cuts
  • We explain what insurance you need to protect your stock of fridge-freezer food

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With thousands of shoppers believed to be already stocking up on their Christmas food, related favorite dishes will not be in stock until the festive season arrives.

Lorry driver shortages have left some supermarket shelves bare with warnings that shoppers may have to recall some recipes this winter—including Christmas turkey.


This concern has been coupled with the ongoing energy crisis, as the cost of bulk gas continues to rise, with many worrying that paying more bills could lead to outages – although the government is adamant that this will not happen.

Now households are being advised to check that they are covered in case a worst-case scenario occurs and there is a power cut, fridges and freezers are turned off for hours at a time and stocked food is spoiled. goes.

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Families that have stockpiled food should check that they are covered for fridge-freezer failure

While it is hoped that this is an unlikely scenario, consumers should make sure they are safe just in case – as they could lose hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds if they have already started Christmas preparations. has given.

There is likely to be more stock in the fridge than usual during the festive season, especially if you have guests over.

It’s also worth noting that fridges can pack depending on the age of the freezer model—and that could void your potential cover.

This is money, with the help of Defacto, which looks at how much insurers cover freezer items as standard and how much those who do are willing to pay.

How many insurers cover freezers?

In the context of home insurance, cover for loss or damage of frozen and refrigerated food comes under household contents insurance.

Of the 364 household content policies, 93 percent cover some amount as standard, while 3 percent make it an optional extra and 4 percent do not cover frozen food at all.

Policies generally cover all food in all fridges and freezers, including those in garages or other outbuildings.

However, models older than ten years are often discounted, so it’s worth double-checking both your policy and the age of the equipment.

Generally insurers allow customers to claim for a new freezer if they have permanently stopped working due to accidental damage from an electrical surge.

According to Admiral, if the freezer has simply worn out with age, on the other hand, you’ll have to replace it yourself.

Some policies will provide a temporary rental freezer until yours can be repaired or replaced.

How many insurers have freezer cover in their policies
freezer covernumber of policies% of policies
optional1 13%
Source: Defaqto

How much cover will be given?

While many policies cover for fridge freezer failure, this can vary, from £100 to unlimited.

Customers should understand that covering more than a certain limit is pointless, as your fridge and freezer can only hold so much food.

Even if your garage freezer is full of steak, it’s unlikely you’ll have more than £1,000 of food that could go bad.

According to Defaqto, one in five policies will cover spoiled food up to £500, 32 per cent between £500-£1,000 and two in five will cover over £1,000.

For example, cover for the loss of frozen and refrigerator food occurs for unforeseen events, such as equipment failure or flooding.

So, if one of the energy companies has an unforeseen problem, or if the national grid suddenly can’t deliver enough electricity and your freezer clogs up you may be covered.

However, if it reaches a point where power companies declare that they cannot supply enough electricity and begin scheduled power cuts (as was the case with the three-day week in the 1970s), then Many policies will exclude the cover, as they will have exclusions along the lines. NS:

What is not included: The insurer will not pay for this damage if it is caused by your energy company cutting off your power supply.

What is not included: Loss or damage of freezer food due to an intentional act, or a strike by your electricity supplying company (or its employees).

We will not pay: For loss or damage caused by you or your electricity provider or their employees or agents as a result of willful act or neglect.

Unless your energy company intentionally cut your supply, you’ll probably be covered.

Although different insurance companies have different wording, so people should check the wording of their policy just in case.

Cover for frozen meals ranges from nothing to £1,000, depending on your insurer

Cover for frozen meals ranges from nothing to £1,000, depending on your insurer

How Much Cover Can You Get for Perishable Food in the Freezer?
freezer covernumber of policies% of policies
£250. till164%
£750 – £1,00011732%
£1,000. more than15141%
Source: Defaqto

What else is there to consider?

There are many other things people need to consider when power cuts and fridge-freezer stops working.

Keep Doors Closed: Families should also consider that the best thing to do if their electricity goes out is to leave their fridge and freezer alone and keep the doors closed.

This is because they are very well insulated and can stay cold for a long time without electricity. With luck the power will be back before your food is defrosted.

Additional cover for large events: It may also be worth taking the extra cover off at Christmas time or for other large events such as weddings, if you will be storing more than usual.

Non-food items: Most insurers will not pay for non-food items placed in the freezer, such as spirits.

No receipt required: Customers won’t even need to show a receipt because the food will still be there…


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