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The family of a Long Island woman who has been missing for several weeks has reprimanded her boyfriend in a new statement.


Gabrielle Petito was on a cross-country trip with Brian Laundry. There has been no trace of him since August. Laundry returned to his parents’ Florida home and did not help investigators in the case.

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On Wednesday, Gabby’s extended family said: “Every day the search for Gabby continues, the Schmidt and Petito family grows more desperate. They search for answers and information about their daughter’s disappearance, while Brian Sitting comfortably at home.”

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It continued: “Brian claims that when we search for Gabby in the woods of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, he wants to sit in the background. Brian leaves Gabby in the woods with grizzly bears and wolves, While he was sitting comfortably. In his house. In his house!”

It asks him: “Brian, how can you do that to Gabby? You selfishly keep quiet while Gabby is all alone in the woods. Brian, your silence is reprehensible! We ask you to do the right thing and bring Gabby home.” I ask you to help us.”

Ends with: “Brian, whatever happened in Wyoming, happened. The only thing you can control is what you do right now. Tell us where Gabby is. You show your love for her by your silence.” tarnish it.”

Police named Laundry a ‘person of interest’ in his disappearance.

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