How Did Keanu Reeves Join the Band Dogstar?

Keanu Reeves is a man of many talents. Of course he can act, but he has also proved to be a master at learning martial arts for his action films. He directed a film, Man of Tai Chi, and they also have a musical history. Their first band was called Dogstars, and although they broke up in 2002, they were a valuable experience for Reeves.

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Reeves talks about them with Charlie Herzfeld conversation with charlie Podcast about his entire career in 2019. When it came to his musical stay, Reeves explained how he formed a relationship with Dogstar.

Dogstar has roots in Keanu Reeves’ acting and hockey career

Earlier in the interview, Reeves discussed how he got his first acting roles in Canada. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles, California.

“I stayed with my stepfather,” Reeves said. “Then I did adult children of alcoholics I think it was called Working Title. Then I met that friend and he had a friend who was looking for a roommate, so I ended up going with his friend as a roommate. But then I did some work so I was going to rent a house and so I moved to Beachwood Canyon, this cool little pad.

All that geography is there to suggest that Reeves was in the right place at the right time. He met the man who would introduce him to the founding members of Dogstar.

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What high school did Keanu Reeves go to?

“So I was playing hockey in Los Angeles too,” Reeves continued. “There was this guy at the local grocery store at the bottom of the hill and he was wearing, I think, a Detroit Red Wings shirt. I was like, ‘Do you play hockey?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, you play hockey? Let’s do a pickup game.’ Anyway, he turned out to be a musician as well as an actor so we started a friendship.”

Dogstar Started as a Larky

Reeves said he first approached Dogstar to play music for fun. Once he started writing music, he hit the road.

“Eventually, he had a friend, Greg Miller, and then we started jamming our house,” Reeves said. “Ultimately, once you start writing songs you go, ‘Okay, then we should play live. So Dogstar began.’

Keanu Reeves had a great run with Dogstar

Reeves used to play with Dogstar in between and occasionally during his film jobs. By 2002, each band member went their own way, although Reeves and Robert Melhouse collaborated on Becky. Reeves still looks at Dogstar with love.

LR: Jon Bon Jovi and Keanu Reeves | K.Mazur/WireImage

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We were a band once but we wanted to have some life experiences so we toured the States. We visited the States four times, went to Japan five times, went to Europe once. But yeah, so I’ll do a film and then I’ll come back and then we’ll go on tour. I think even when I was math question He came to Australia and we did a few shows with Bon Jovi. We were the first of three acting so we played for a few guys back in the day. They were really lovely people. They were good to us.”

Keanu Reeves, conversation with charlie Podcast, 9/29/19

Source: conversation with charlie podcast

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