How Journalism Moves Forward In An Age Of Disinformation And Distrust

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They say if you’re going through hell to keep going.

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The world is broken.

But then again, it’s always been a little damaged, hasn’t it?


Certainly, it is only in recent history that man, after the Industrial Revolution, was the power to destroy the earth. But even before that, our tenure as stewards of this planet has been filled with war, slavery, rape and genocide. Humans, with all of our technology and innovation, aren’t always the best ambassadors to justify our existence on a planet that might be better off without us.

And yet, in knowing this, I also know that this is a relatively peaceful time in human history right now.

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Yes. Now, when vandalism is still going on in the form of our penal system and policing. When science and medicine collide with personal “freedom”. When the end of the war in Afghanistan results in death and tragedy. While we are still grappling with the sins of colonialism, capitalism, racism, sexism, and a white supremacy nurtured by them all.

But that’s it, it’s now most peaceful time. A time marked not by world wars or mass genocide, but – in the Western world – propaganda, polarization and anti-intellectualism.

In the midst of all this is the American press, which is not as bad as journalists in other parts of the world, where an editorial cartoon or at least a rosy article can lead to imprisonment or death. But we still struggle with a reputation hurt by our own silliness, as well as the adult version of people at large due to a lack of media literacy. oppositional defiant Disorder.

While you, the person reading this article, know how to make a news sausage—by a mix of almost staunch devotees for freedom of information and… some status-humping nerds—most Americans don’t. They see the invisible hand of the elite, the Illuminati, or the New World Order. They see “Soros-backed” muck-making, where someone or something omniscient, and all-powerful, puts microchips into vaccines, even if it’s too easy for governments and corporations to track everyone through their smartphones.

And yet, what option do we have in the press against this flood of propaganda and myth making? What options do we have? What they have always been – our voice, our reach and our creativity. We have to move beyond “both-partism” and take a stance on the side of reality – our multicultural, diverse, multidimensional, very real, reality. The world is not the way we want it to be. The world is not as we think it should be. But focusing on being truth-tellers and city-bearers of what this world really is. We have to be fundamentally transparent about our prejudices and beliefs. We must be honest about who we are and what we are reporting to the world and proceed from the idea that journalists enter the profession into tabla rasa, as if we are not shaped and molded by the world around us .

They say if you’re going through hell to keep going. The era of propaganda is a kind of hell. Still, we have to persevere lest the republic be destroyed. We have to move through this darkness until we find the light again.

I’ll accept it. The Illuminati Mess Looks A Lot More Fun Than the Reality of News Preachers and Tucker Carlson’s gossip craze All stewed together in a soggy, media soup, but that’s what we have in the United States. The “man behind the curtain” is actually three learned children standing on each other’s shoulders in a trench coat.

Still, no matter how many times I tell Everyman and Everywoman USA, either in a thread on some weird web page or on a coffee date with someone I should never have swiped right on, the result is the same — I think so. a nice lady and all, but “you can’t trust everything you read in a book,” ignoring how they’re debating “facts,” which has been taken down from commenters on Facebook three times.

And you can tell how ridiculous it is to trust strangers on the Internet to people who have spent their entire lives studying how the world works, who are educated, and who have worked hard to make the world a better place. has dedicated his life. But this is where the Illuminati raises its head and must be afraid of the idiot. It is easier to trust your horoscope than your doctor.

So, America sinks ivermectin magic and superstition, partly inspired by the presidency of Donald Trump – but there was honestly always an anti-intellectual cancer in the bone marrow of the republic. We are facing a pandemic will probably never end, an attack on women’s rights and voting rights at the same time, and distrust of the mainstream press that will continue to worsen and worsen unless we finally decide to do something about it or we find ourselves sick, Do not allow us to enter a new dark age of superstition, and ignorance.

That’s why I always say, there is only one way forward. I’m not interested in getting into the time machine and going to the 1950s “Halcians” where I can get Tortured, beaten, shot and drowned in Tallahachi River To end on the wrong end of a white man’s cruelty. I don’t wanna go back to the 90s with thisGay Terror Defense, “Super-predatory ways. I don’t even want to go back to the last week. I just want to move forward, where every step hopefully leads to greater progress, equality, and freedom for all.”

The reality is that after an ideal- and reality-shattering presidency and a global pandemic, there is no “return to normalcy”. Our police state strangled the normal and shot him in the face years ago. There is no miracle-fueled “time theft” where we can go back and undo the damage we’ve done. Instead of saving the day, we have to live in the waking nightmare of our mistakes. Where the denial of COVID leads to death of COVID, after death, after death, after death. And from physicians to the press, witnesses to the madness, we begin to harden.

That’s why our work is so important. This is why we focus on truth-telling – elevating and amplifying that truth, giving equal weight to both fact and fiction, as someone is shouting a lie out loud. Was it our relentless reporting of the January 6 uprising and its aftermath. Or to back down against false narratives about COVID-19 and the vaccines that fight it. This is why we need the clear and direct writings of individuals like Adam Server at The Atlantic or Karen Atiyah at The Washington Post. That’s why we’ve gathered and are still joining our incredible team. We are dedicated. We are invested. And we are really moving forward.

It is important to remember that this is not the end, but the progress of what has always been and what we are becoming. We must avoid indifference. We must condemn fear. We must fight ignorance.

The press cannot fall into disarray and depression while reporting on the crumbling world around us. Not when we have become more important than ever as beacons of truth in the quagmire of falsehood and propaganda. This is the time when we are blindly silenced or shut down, and I, for one, have no interest in silence.

I choose progress – a newsroom that is more diverse and representative of our society, a press that is more nimble and friendly, an office that serves as your coffee table or kitchen table or whatever else you built as a desk in your home One is compassionate and sympathetic to those in the field every day, who are caught in the filth business, and one who is resilient in the face of the apocalypse.

I know we are ready to face what is in front of us because we have faced worse and are weary than before. Because this moment of madness is the most peaceful time in human history, and we have to focus on the long, progressive arc of time, not on the cacophony and short bursts of violence that keep slipping and sliding behind us.

We’re going to make it. But if the past is the prelude, it won’t be pretty.


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