How many types of coronavirus are there?

Many are roaming around the world, but health experts are primarily concerned with the emergence three.

As the virus infects people, it can mutate because it makes copies of itself. Some mutations can be harmful to the virus, causing it to die. Others may offer an advantage and help spread it.

“Not every mutation is created equal,” said Mary Petrone, who studies infectious diseases at Yale University. “The virus is getting lucky now and again.”

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Monitoring variants are important because of the possibility that they may make vaccines and treatments less effective, or they may change the way people infect.

The epidemic’s initial infection promoted the spread of the virus worldwide, but Ohio State University biologist Daniel Jones said that there had been no notable change since.

One of the three main variant experts is looking at what was discovered in the United Kingdom late last year and has since been discovered in dozens of countries. Health officials initially said it does not appear to be the cause of the worsening disease, but some new information suggests that it is unknown at this time. It appears to spread more easily, which can lead to more hospitalizations and deaths.

Variants may be prominent in the US by March, accordingly For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Experts say the first second variant has been detected in South Africa and Brazil.

Data so far Current vaccines suggest that these types should still be avoided, although there is some concern that their effectiveness may be slightly reduced. There is some evidence that some antibody treatments may be less effective against certain variants.

There are ways to adjust vaccines and treatments to maintain their effectiveness, with top American infectious disease specialist Drs. Said Anthony Fauci.

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Is associated with the emergence of variants Its going on Since the infection gives the virus a chance to mutate and spread. This is another reason why experts emphasize the importance of wearing masks and social remoteness.

“The fewer humans carrying the virus, the fewer chances muted,” Jones said.