How the government hid the truth behind Hunter Biden’s laptop

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The more we find out about the ongoing collusion between the Biden administration, security agencies and Big Tech, the more worrying it is — and the more unrepentant they are.

The latest blunder from The Intercept, based on communications unveiled in federal lawsuit Missouri v. Biden, suggests that the Department of Homeland Security is holding monthly meetings with Facebook and Twitter to censor them about topics such as social-media posts. pressure can be applied. The failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, the origins of COVID-19, the efficacy of COVID vaccines, racial justice and US support for the war in Ukraine – in other words, anything that could be detrimental to public support for the Joe Biden administration.

We already know that the FBI was involved in efforts to censor and bury information that may have harmed Joe Biden’s candidacy in 2020, including an October 2020 particular post about Hunter Biden’s laptop. is included. It was electoral interference that successfully stopped the American people. By performing the necessary due diligence on one of two candidates for president. The strategy was so successful that the Biden administration seems to have expanded it.

Security agencies have shifted their focus from combating foreign propaganda to censoring the speech of US citizens who disagree with the narrative approved by the government. No matter that free speech is protected by the First Amendment; If the Biden administration doesn’t like the speech, they call it “misinformation, disinformation, and malformation,” and they’re deputing the FBI and DHS to censor Big Tech and strengthen de-platform serial criminals. .

It doesn’t matter what brand your politics is, it’s Stasi stuff.

John Paul Mac Isaac
A forthcoming book by John Paul Mac Isaacs, the owner of the now-defunct Delaware computer-repair shop where Hunter Biden left his laptop in April 2019, discusses election interference.
James Keivom
hunter biden
Hunter Biden leaves his laptop at “The Mac Shop” in Delaware, starting the scandal.
James Keivom

DHS also recommended using third-party non-profit groups as “clearing houses for information to avoid the presence of government propaganda,” The Intercept reported.
In the espionage business, that’s called a “cutout,” explains John Schindler, a former senior intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency. In other words, using a legally “denialable intermediary” to spread White House propaganda.

A perfect example of how the censorship regime works is the Hunter Biden laptop.
Two FBI agents – Elvis Chan and Laura DeHmlow – have been identified in documents uncovered by the Missouri lawsuit, which is pressuring Facebook to suppress The Post’s accurate and factual reporting.

We know at the time that the FBI was spying on Rudy Giuliani’s online cloud with a secret surveillance warrant. So, in August 2020 his email and text messages from computer-store whistleblower John Paul Mack Isaacs led to discussions about when the Post would publish the story. It certainly sounds like the FBI deliberately pre-censored a legitimate story for a political purpose.

An upcoming book by Mac Isaacs, the owner of the now-defunct Delaware computer-repair shop where Hunter Biden left his laptop in April 2019, sheds more light on this deep state election interference.

Mac Isaacs, 46, is a patriot, and when he saw the wrongdoing on the laptop, he felt it was his duty to bring it to the attention of the authorities. Unfortunately for him, he chose the FBI.
Mac Isaacs in “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth” says that “almost every step, I was met with suspicion, suspicion, and even death threats. I feared for my life, not Not only in front of angry strangers, but in front of a hostile FBI.”

disturbing allegations

His allegations are disturbing. In the summer of 2019, the more Mac Isaacs looked at the laptop, the more convinced there were national security implications, particularly in material related to Ukraine.

So he enlisted his father, retired Air Force Colonel Steve Mac Isaacs, to take a copy of the laptop’s hard drive on the external drive to the FBI’s field office in Albuquerque, NM. He was treated with contempt.

John Paul Mac Isaac
Mac Isaacs felt it was his duty to bring the laptop to the attention of the authorities.
James Keivom

According to the book, an FBI agent told him, “You better be a lawyer and not talk to anyone about it.”

John Paul McIsaac’s next chilling encounter with the FBI occurred six weeks later, on November 21, 2019, when two agents from the Baltimore field office, Joshua Wilson and Mike Dzielk, visited his home and asked him questions about the laptop.

“Have you spoken to anyone else about this? Any other government or law-enforcement agencies?” Then they left without taking the laptop.

On December 9, 2019, agents arrived at his store with a summons and took away the laptop and a hard-drive copy.

As he left, Dizilak told Mac Isaacs: “It’s our experience that nothing happens to people who don’t talk about these things.”

hunter biden
The FBI was involved in efforts to censor information such as The Post’s exclusive information about Hunter Biden’s laptop.
hunter biden
Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed his photos.

Mac Isaac was feeling upset. An hour later, when DigiLuck called him for technical help to access the drive, he was not convinced.

The laptop was never seen again.

A few weeks later, just before Christmas, Digilak called him again to ask if Hunter had come to ask for a laptop yet.

John Paul Mac Isaac
Mac Isaacs said, “I feared for my life, not only in front of angry strangers but in front of a hostile FBI.”
James Keivom

Mac Isaacs didn’t tell him, but the agent “seemed really surprised, and it worried me.”
In May, 2020, convinced that the FBI had buried the laptop, Mac Isaacs and his father tried to contact Republican members of Congress, but to no avail.

Finally, on August 26, 2020, Mac Isaacs found an email address for Rudy Giuliani, then a lawyer for Donald Trump, and wrote:

“For almost a year I have been trying to get the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the proper authorities. I reached out to the FBI first and they came and collected it, but I have reason to believe they destroyed it or buried it in the filing cabinet. After waiting a few months for this to come, I can only assume that the members of the FBI, who are against the President [Trump]Take it, and it will never be seen again. Fortunately, for my safety, I made several copies and I’m trying quietly to bring it to the public’s attention. ,

If it weren’t for Mac Isaac’s perseverance and savvy, Hunter Biden’s laptop would never have seen the light of day, and America wouldn’t have been wiser about the FBI’s nefarious role in covering it up.

This year, whistleblowers have come forward to point fingers at various FBI employees engaged in cover-ups. Timothy Thibault, the recently retired assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office, was agency points man to manage Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinsky, who went to the FBI with evidence of a Biden impact-peddling operation. . Thibault reportedly ordered the investigation to be closed and refused to cooperate with GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee.

If Republicans back the House and Senate in next week’s midterm elections, their primary objective should be to investigate censorship and cover-ups by the FBI, DHS and other federal agencies. It’s not going to be easy, and every American will need the backing of lawmakers courageous enough to take this task.

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