How to buy BTS ‘2021 Winter Package

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    In 2020, BTS began issuing a winter package as a replacement for its specific summer package. Recently, BTS announced that a second version of their winter package would be released in 2021. Septet has released several teasers for the beloved bundle of goodies, and can pre-order the ARMY 2021 Winter Package at the Weavers Shop.

    BTS on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ | NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Image

    What is BTS ‘Winter Package?

    In 2014, BTS released its first Summer Package as a way to celebrate its first anniversary with fans. The K-pop group continued to release a new version of the Summer Package through 2019.

    BTS released the first winter package in 2020. The photoshoot and filming for the 2020 Winter Package took place in Helsinki, Finland. The collection included a photobook, vlog and behind-the-scenes DVD.

    Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Wei and Jungkook filmed the new winter package at Gangwon-do in South Korea. The band has released several teasers for the collection.

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    How to buy BTS ‘2021 Winter Package

    On January 26, BTS released a teaser, which opened with all-black and individually light-matched members. His song “Life Goes On” from his 2020 album Happen Play begins in the background, and the members wear heavy winter clothes as they walk along the slope.

    In the final scenes, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Wei, and Jungkook wear bright sweaters and cuddles together in a cabin. The second teaser was released on February 1 with the BTS song “Telepathy” playing in the background. The second teaser gives fans a better idea of ​​what to expect from DVD content.

    Can buy ARMY BTS winter package Weavers Shop. On the American version of the Weavers Shop, the 2021 Winter Package is available to pre-order for $ 52. It will be sent to fans starting April 7.

    The BTS ‘2021 Winter Package includes a photobook, DVD, photo set, photo box, mini-poster box, 6-cut film photo, photocard, and photo stickers. If the Winter Package is sold at the US Weavers Shop, fans can also pre-order it at the Global Weavers Shop. However, shipping costs and times may vary.

    BTS will appear on ‘MTV Unplugged’

    On February 23, the Korean band will participate in a special episode MTV Unplugged “MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS.” MTV Unplugged usually features acoustic performances, and BTS will bring its own unique performance to the franchise with its planned performance.

    According to a press release, the band’s MTV Unplugged His latest album in attendance will feature the group’s most career-defining hits and “never-before-seen versions” of songs BE (required version)In intimate settings. “

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    BTS released their album BE (deluxe edition) On November 20, 2020. The band will release BE (required version) On February 19, a few days before him MTV Unplugged Display.

    BE (required version) Contains the same eight tracks as BE (deluxe edition): “Life Goes Forward,” “Fly to My Room,” “Blue and Gray,” “Skit,” “Telepathy,” “Dis-ease,” “Stay,” and “Dynamite.” However, BE (required version) There will be new features that reflect BTS’s appreciation for ARMY.

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