How to get a shiny Luvdisc in Pokemon Go

    Valentine’s Day is still held in Pokémon Go, which means that Pokémon-like lovedisks are still common in the game. It also means that players have a better chance of getting a shiny lovedisk.

    The Spotlight Hours that went live yesterday was the perfect time for Pokémon Go players to catch the shiny Lovedisk. Lovedisk was the focus during Spotlight Hours, and it spread all over the place.

    Any Pokémon is depicted in the Spotlight Hour, which also has a flashy look. Luvdisc may have removed Pokemon Go players for some time. The spotlight gives players the chance to capture as many Lovedisks as possible for a high probability of a dazzle.

    Anyone who does not want to use all their Pokeballs on Luvdisc can simply start the encounter, and will show that Luvdisc is dazzling without catching it. In this way, players can only start facing and leave until they get a shiny look.

    The bad news is that the hour of the spotlight is over, and there is no guarantee when it returns.

    How to catch a shiny lovedisk during a Valentine’s Day event in Pokémon Go

    Although the spotlight has timed out, the good news is that the Valentine’s Day event is still happening.

    Luvdisc is the perfect representation for a Valentine’s Day Pokémon and, therefore, popping up all over the place during the event.

    Although this spotlight pops up as many times during the hour, it will be easier to encounter in the wild.

    Like any other Shiny Pokémon, there is no guarantee that a player will get a Shiny when initiating encounters, so volume is important.

    If the spotlight is not happening, using sunlight is a great way to force an encounter. A Lovedisk appears in the category of incense due to Valentine’s Day celebrations.

    Walking among the Pokestops and looking for Pokemon beyond the sunshine is always another option.

    However, players should keep in mind that there is not a lot of time left for organizing Valentine’s Day, so they must act quickly to get that shiny lovedisk.

    Published 18 February 2021 07:01 AM IST

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