How to set your makeup against WINTER hay fever: Expert reveals her tips for tackling redness, itchy eyes and blotchy skin caused by a reaction to dust mites in cold weather

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  • Winter hay fever can cause eye irritation, itching, and patchy makeup
  • But your everyday look isn’t ruined, thanks to makeup artist Saffron Hughes
  • artist shares her hay fever-proof makeup routine

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We may think we’ve escaped the itchy, sneezing hay fever season after a cold has arrived, but the annoying symptoms can continue into the colder months thanks to ‘winter hay fever’.

Winter hay fever, often mistaken for a common cold for its symptoms, is caused by a reaction to house dust mites rather than a grass pollen allergy that afflicts sufferers in the summer months.


These mites are present throughout the year, even in the cleanest of homes, but become more bothersome in winter when people spend more time indoors without windows.

While sneezing, runny eyes and itching are frustrating enough on their own, for women they can also take the battle of disguising seriously smudged makeup and blotchy, red eyes.

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Luckily there are ways to make your makeup routine hay fever-proof this winter.

Makeup artist Saffron Hughes of gives FEMAIL her tips on how to hide your red nose, get rid of itchy eyes, and make sure cosmetics stay on your face all day. makeup artist Saffron Hughes gives FEMAIL tips on how to hide your red nose, get rid of itchy eyes, and ensure your makeup lasts all day. stock image

focus on your lips

Saffron suggests focusing on other facial features such as your lips to help draw attention away from your watery or swollen eyes.

She explained: ‘You should go for an unexpected pop of color and experimentation. Using bold, daring lip colors is perfect for the season and helps to deflect attention from the eyes.

Her well-known shades include shades of orange, fuchsia, brick red, coral pink, rose lipstick and glitter.

Use a green concealer to hide redness

‘Applying a green concealer means you’re reducing any redness as well as reducing inflammation and breakouts because red and green are complementary colors,’ says Saffron.

‘When concealing a red nose, just apply green concealer around the sides of your nose, blending all over with a brush, before setting with translucent powder.’

Opt for a soothing facial mist instead of powder

Third, saffron swears by using a soothing face mist to help set your makeup instead of applying powder, which she claims will further irritate your skin.

She said: ‘Our skin can feel inflamed, stressed and dehydrated during hay fever season. Not to mention, the weather outside can cause your makeup to flake and flake.

‘Instead of adding more product to skin, spritz on face mist as desired throughout the day when your skin is in need of a pick-me-up and for a fresh, long-lasting wearing makeup look.’

Be sure to choose a hypoallergenic concealer and foundation

If hay fever has made your skin blemish, then this is for you.

Saffron explained: ‘Hypoallergenic foundation is best for hay fever sufferers as it helps improve the texture of the skin.

‘They work to keep your seasonal allergies from aggravating, and are generally less irritating than regular products to suit all skin types.

‘If your foundation is non-comedogenic, that means it will also work to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. Win-win!’

Winter hay fever can cause persistent sneezing, watery eyes, itching, as well as smeared makeup.  But thankfully your everyday cosmetic look isn't ruined (stock photo)

Winter hay fever can cause persistent sneezing, watery eyes, itching, as well as smeared makeup. But thankfully your everyday cosmetic look isn’t ruined (stock photo)

Anti-inflammatory ingredients are key

‘If you want your makeup to last longer, the key is to have a perfect makeup base,’ Saffron explained.

‘It’s important to soothe your skin first, as scaly inflamed skin will result in the appearance of bad makeup. Opt for ingredients that promote anti-inflammatory properties.

‘Cleanse your skin first to prepare the base, then hydrate with an odorless moisturizer to hydrate the skin. While choosing a moisturizer, choose a moisturizer that is also cooling and can be used on sensitive skin.

Skincare ingredients to look for include hazel, chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin D, turmeric, CBD, or murumuru butter, she says.

Use antihistamine eye drops

Antihistamines only relieve the symptoms of hay fever – including itching and watery eyes.

The eye drops work by blocking histamine, which is responsible for inflammation and also helps in hydrating the eyes.

Saffron said: ‘For best results, hold the dropper directly over your eye and apply one drop to the lower eyeliner. Close your eyes slowly for a minute and then open them.

For best results she recommends using eyedrops at least 15 minutes before starting your makeup or applying contact lenses.

Waterproof Mascara Is Your Savior

Suffering from smoky makeup, streaky kajal and the dreaded ‘panda eyes’? Makeup artist insisted that choose waterproof mascara.

Saffron said: ‘When suffering from hay fever, your eyes can become red, itchy and watery, which can damage your eye makeup.

‘Choose waterproof mascara and eyeliner to make sure your makeup stays in place, even after accidentally rubbing your eyes.’


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