How to watch the solar eclipse in the UK and US

A solar eclipse is happening today and should be seen from parts of the UK and US.

You should never use your naked eye to see directly but there are many other ways to capture the eclipse in action.

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How to Watch Solar Eclipse Safely

The best way to watch the eclipse is via livestream.

You can watch our streaming of the event at the top of this page.

If you want to see with your own eyes, you’ll need “solar viewing glasses” or “eclipse glasses,” which you can order online.

You should never look straight without adequate protection as it can damage your eyesight for life.

Eclipse in UK begins after 10am

Eclipse in UK begins after 10amcredit: Alamy

An easy way to view the eclipse is to use a colander.

You might have one in your kitchen.

Go outside to shine and have your back .

Hold the colander in one hand and a piece of white paper just behind it.

You will see that the shadow of the colander falls on the paper and circular holes are visible.

The size of the circles will change when an eclipse occurs.

Try the Colander Trick to See How Much the Eclipse Changes, How Much Is Visible

Try the Colander Trick to See How Much the Eclipse Changes, How Much Is Visiblecredit: Alamy

Experts have warned sky watchers not to look directly at the eclipse.

Dr Drebeck-Monder told Sky News: “Never look straight or use standard sunglasses, as this can cause serious damage to your eyes.”

He suggests using a pinhole projector, special solar eclipse viewing glasses — which can be purchased online — or using solar filters on a telescope to best view the eclipse.

Dr Drebeck-Monder said: “You can make a projector by punching a small hole in a piece of card.

“Hold the card so that the light shines through the hole in the back of the card and onto a piece of paper.

“You’ll be able to see the shape projected onto a piece of paper and see the change in shape as it passes in front of the Moon.”

What time is the solar eclipse in the UK?

In the UK, a partial solar eclipse will begin at 10.08 a.m. on Thursday, June 10, 2021, explained Dr Emily Drebeck-Monder, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich sky News.

The maximum eclipse is expected at 11.13 a.m. – when the Moon will cover about one-third.

The partial eclipse is expected to end in the UK at 12.22 pm.

How to Watch the Solar Eclipse from the US

Viewing a solar eclipse in the US depends on which state you are in.

From New York City, there will already be an eclipse rising, and the moment of most coverage will be around 5.32 a.m. EDT.

The partial eclipse technically began earlier, but viewers in the time zone won’t be able to see it until about 5:24 EDT.

The partial eclipse is expected to end for New York viewers by approximately 6.30 p.m. EDT.

In Washington DC, RISE is at 5.45 a.m. EDT and that’s also when the eclipse will be most visible at maximum.

Watching the Solar Eclipse from the US

Timings vary depending on which state you’re in, so here are some examples of times across the country…

Chicago, IL (CDT) Sunrise = 5:18 am max. Eclipse view = 5:18 am End = 5:59 am

Minneapolis, MN (cdt) Sunrise = 5:29 AM max. Eclipse view = 5:29 am End = 5:46 am

New York, NY (EDT) Sunrise = 5:24 am max. Eclipse view = 5:32 am End = 6:30 am

Boston, MA (EDT) Sunrise = 5:07 AM max. Eclipse view = 5:33 am End = 6:32 am

Washington DC (EDT) Sunrise = 5:45 am max. Eclipse view = 5:45am end = 6:39am39

Cleveland, OH (EDT) sunrise = 5:55 am Max. Eclipse view = 5:55am end = 6:35am35

Charleston, SC (EDT) Sunrise = 6:14 am max. Eclipse view = 6:14 am End = 6:21 am

Indianapolis, IN (EDT) Sunrise = 6:19 am max. Eclipse view = 6:19 am End = 6:35 am

Knoxville, TN (EDT) Sunrise = 6:21 am max. Eclipse view = 6:21 am End = 6:28 am

how to watch solar eclipse online

The solar eclipse can be viewed on the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s YouTube channel, where it will be broadcast live.

It is not clear whether the partial eclipse will be broadcast, although news bulletins are expected to play clips of it during the broadcast.

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