Hula hoop world record holder attacked in park for wearing ‘revealing clothing’

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A hula hooping instructor with a Guinness World Record was accused of wearing an “obscene” outfit by a stranger at a park in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Getty Kehaiova, 43, was practicing hula hooping while hanging upside down from monkey bars when a woman walked up to him and told him about her sliding top, with her white sports bra visible underneath, according to a video. According to which has since gone viral on Tiktok. .

A man was filming Kehaiova, who holds the Guinness record for spinning the largest hula hoop, when a woman surrounded him. At that time his companion and son were nearby.


Kehaiova, who was wearing a white tank top and running shorts, asked the woman to step back, informing her that she was trying to film. But when he started practicing again, the woman stopped him in the middle.

“This is where children play. This place is for families… for families! You can’t be half-naked there,” the woman, who was inside a pram with a baby, can be heard shouting in the video.

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Turning to Kehaiova’s partner, the woman asked: “Are you okay with that?”

“You don’t have to make a scene with it,” his partner said in an attempt to defuse the situation. The woman became even more furious when Kehaiova’s son began recording the incident on a mobile phone.

“Everyone loves this TikTok. I mean it’s so vulgar,” she said and continued to brag about Kehaiova’s outfit. “I can’t believe you’re doing this in our neighborhood. There is almost no cloth. Almost no clothes. “

Intervening again, Kehayova’s partner can be seen requesting the woman to “please settle down”, but the woman continues to scold Kehayova.

As his companion got closer to the stranger and asked him to leave them alone, he retaliated by saying: “I have a child here. You’re going to wake my baby.”

The woman then snatched Kehaiova’s hoop from her and threw her to the ground, forcing the athlete to step down from the bar where she was practicing.

The man who was filming the incident from afar closed in on them, further angering the woman. “What are you doing? Why are you filming?” He shouted, before turning to Kehiova’s son, asking him to stay away from his child.

The boy, clearly frightened, raises both his arms, Kehaiova asking the woman not to yell at her son. “What’s your problem? I was just working,” she said.

“Why do you have to wear revealing clothes to work out?” asked the woman wearing the skirt and top herself, prompting Kehaiova to gesture: “You are wearing clothes that reveal yourself.”

At this point, the woman snatches the hoop from Kehaiova, throwing it across the park. “You’re filming this for TikTok? How about it? Let me show you what you can do for TikTok,” he shouted.

Upset by what had happened, Kehaiova turned to her partner, and decided to leave when the woman shouted “find some other place to empty your stomach”.

Kehaiova shared the entire incident on Tiktok. “I’m still shaken by it!” She urged her followers to spread love, not hate, she said in her post.

A TikTok video posted on August 29 has since gone viral, with many users expressing shock over the incident and supporting Kehayova.


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