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Hunter Biden’s artwork reportedly sold for $75,000 even before the opening of his official New York City Art Show.

At least five pieces were sold, and lawyers have begun investigating potential patrons who plan to attend the upcoming show. The pieces were sold at a “Pop Up” presentation in Los Angeles on October 1.


The identities of the buyers are unknown, nor is it known whether more pieces were sold after the presentation, New York Post informed of.

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“But most of the people who have been allowed to buy the work are private collectors with galleries,” said a source familiar with the sale.

The sale of Biden’s artwork has raised many ethical questions for the White House. In July, White House officials worked out an agreement under which purchases of artwork would remain confidential—even from the artist himself. Hunter Biden’s appearance at the Los Angeles event came despite the White House having previously said it would not know the identities of potential buyers.

The owner of the New York gallery, George Burgess, agreed to reject any offer he considers questionable or that comes in more than the asking price, Washington Post informed of. A team of lawyers has worked to show anyone planning to attend the Soho gallery, however, it is unclear who hired the lawyers.

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Some of Biden’s artworks are listed for up to $500,000.

“The whole thing is a really bad idea,” Richard Painter, the former White House chief ethics attorney, told The Washington Post. “The initial reaction of a lot of people would be that he is taking advantage of being the president’s son and wants people to give him a lot of money.”

Painter, who served in the administration of George W. Bush, said the recent sales are proof that the “veiled-privacy” approach “is not happening.”

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Walter Schaab, former Office of the Director of Government Policy under President Obama, previously told Granthshala News That there is a “shameful and gritty feeling” in Hunter Biden’s lucrative art career.

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Concerns over the sale of the painting revolved around the question of access to the White House. President Biden’s nominee to be the US ambassador to India, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, was reportedly among the high-profile attendees at Hunter’s art show.

Art experts have said the work of Hunter Biden overpriced.

Granthshala News’ Houston Keene contributed to this report.