“I almost believe that he and Urjah sat down and planned it” – TJ Dilshaw boasts adventure about Connor McGregor’s final combat drama

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    TJ Dillashaw believes that the entire Ultimate Fighter drama between Connor McGregor and Uriza Faber was fully planned a few years ago. The former bantamweight champion has claimed that the two fighters probably sat down and planned it because it was executed perfectly.

    In an interview on the Mike Swick podcast, TJ Dillashaw opened up about how he had to go back and forth between Colorado and Sacramento to train with Duane Ludwig and Team Alpha Male. However, at Team Alpha Mail, there was no head coach and TJ had to run his practice while preparing for the world title fight.

    “Man, I think the whole situation was a complete game plan, to be honest. I almost adore him and Urjah sat down and planned it out. It was so right, I was a champion, just beat Barao. Dia. Uroza’s final fighter against Connor, I come to help. Now, so I’m the champion, I’m defending against Barao, I’m doing this back-and-forth. I’m with Duane and I Going to Colorado to train. Going back to Sacramento to train with Team Alpha Male. But, every time we went back to Team Alpha Male, we didn’t really have a head coach, so I practiced Been. You know I’m fighting for a world. And I’m running my practice, you shouldn’t do that. “

    The former UFC bantamweight champion further elaborated on how he went back to TUF home after beating Baro to show his support for Team Alpha Male. However, TJ Dilshaw instead went blind and was attacked by Conor McGregor, who called the former 135-lbs champion a “snake in the grass”.

    TJ Dillashaw finally concluded once again by stating that he felt the entire TUF drama was planned. He It also mentioned that he was his best friend fighting on Team Alpha Male and had no idea in TJ Dilshaw’s mind to not be part of the group.

    “Later I defeated Barao that next week I would go to The Ultimate Fighter, to show my face and to show my support for Urjah and be there for him, and it was just like I went blind . I walk like a morning weary, walking to the gym, drinking coffee, puffy face, and then immediately attacked by McGregor, talking about how I’m a ‘snake in the grass’ and this traitor … blah blah blah. And as it was. I didn’t have any idea that I’m not like a Team Alpha Male, like I was there, these are my boys, the guys I’m best friends with. Like they came along the ranks and then that Kind of started and kind of put things in. A little bit, just pay attention to this, okay? But then obviously things just go up from there, so we come back, so I don’t do anything for that Keeps because it’s not his fault. I think it was a plan, me. Really. “

    What’s next for TJ Dillashaw in UJ?

    TJ Dillashaw will return to the UFC but as of now, an opponent is yet to be announced for his comeback fight. The former UFC bantamweight champion can battle veteran Jose Aldo for his next bout.

    Published on 22 February 2021, 15:18 CET

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