I have the neighbour from hell – she pours her kid’s potty on my doorstep

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One woman says she has the worst neighbor, as the woman next door empties the potty for her kids in her front garden and even dumps her dog’s feces at her front door.

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An angry woman says the neighbor’s actions are “an everyday thing”.

Woman starts recording her neighbor

In her TikTok account, the woman is sharing what is acceptable to a neighbor, and people are calling her “disgusting”.


In her first video, the mom captioned the post “Neighbor From Hell” as she showed the woman next door, picking up dog poo from her garden and throwing it over the hedge.

The post which garnered 122k views was flooded with comments from people who said that it needs to face the neighbour.

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One man said, “Put it right in front of his door so that he can step on it when he comes out of the house.”

“Tell us what you did about it, the mystery is killing me. I’m dying to know what you’ve done,” said another.

Some onlookers asked if it was somehow her dog or cat who did her business next door, and she replied: “No, my dogs never set foot in her front garden.”

In another post, the mother revealed that it is not just her dog feces that the woman throws on her lawn.

“A daily occurrence!” She shared a clip of her next-door neighbor saying she is coming to his garden to empty a potty off wee.

“My neighbor threw his kids’ wee ones out to potty in my garden,” she said.

The follow-up post has garnered over 90k views and viewers are left wondering how he didn’t face his neighbor.

One man said, “Just face him, it’s your right. If he was my home, I would be at his door.”

“I’m sorry but you’re so respectfully cool, I can’t even wait to record it,” commented another.

Most of the audience is just in disbelief as to what the neighbor is doing.

“Like Victorian England with the Chamber Pot” commented one person.

Another said: “Put it down the toilet… what’s wrong with people.”

“Why though, just why” commented a third.

Neighbor often acts like this

Neighbor often acts like this

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