I share all of my clothes with my husband – it’s saved us hundreds

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A woman has revealed how she saves hundreds by sharing new clothes with her husband.

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Grace Sargui of Nottingham loves hunting for bargains, and recently saved £764 on a whole new winter wardrobe.

Nottingham’s Grace Sargui and her husband Ryan Kenward saved hundreds of lives by sharing identical clothescredit: supply
The pair only shop for items they can both wear, and have managed to save a fortune.

The pair only shop for items they can both wear, and have managed to save a fortune.credit: supply

The 34-year-old digital delivery manager said she used to borrow her man’s clothes all the time because trendy items like baggy jumpers are too expensive to buy new.


So now, Grace and Ryan Kenward buy something they can both wear over and over again—saving each of them a fortune.

“It’s a huge money saver for couples! None of my friends in relationships had even thought of that, you save so much on clothes,” Grace said. lovethesales.com.

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“Boyfriend-fitted jeans and baggy jumpers are really but very expensive right now, so instead of buying new clothes I ended up borrowing from my husband because they’re really cute and a loose fit for me.”

Ryan “tired of looking for his missing clothes” after Grace claimed them all, so the couple began searching for clothes they could share.

And luckily, the pair managed to snap a range of trousers, jeans, and shirts at discounted prices, halving their shopping bill.

She said: “We’re cutting our clothing bills in half straight away, and even more so when we shop at sales.

“I then decided to go for some men’s shirts to prevent myself from having to pick up the husband. Working from home, we want to be comfortable, but also posing for any last-minute virtual meetings. are eligible.”

The pair’s wardrobe now includes a few shirts they picked up at 50% off each.

He also bought some pair of jeans and trousers, which they both wear in different ways.

“There are a lot of apps and sites popping up for sharing things like tools, lawnmowers, and even musical instruments. It makes sense if you’re living with a partner who’s a similar size. And your style is similar, so have clothes to share! It’s already saved us so much money,” said Grace.

He added that most brands don’t directly say unisex, so always read the product description for details and indications.

Grace said searching terms like ‘gender neutral fashion’, ‘multi-gender’ in the search bar on a brand’s site can help you find what you’re looking for — and a lot more than you realize. There are options.

He also recommends looking into larger marketplaces like ASOS, which have multiple brands available for a wide range of options.

Stuart McClure, co-founder LovetheSales.com, commenting on Grace’s amazing deals, said: “The demand for unisex clothing has increased in recent months, with many brands now offering gender-neutral clothing in every collection.

“This is a win-win for shoppers and retailers, as brands save money on only producing a line of clothing for both sexes, while shoppers can expect the savings that are made at the manufacturing stage to be transferred to them. Is performed!

“Grace is a real pioneer, showing couples across the UK how to drastically cut costs on fashion by sharing a wardrobe with their partner.”

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The couple recently saved £800 on their winter wardrobe

The couple recently saved £800 on their winter wardrobecredit: supply
He picked up shirt and trousers which they both can wear in different ways

He picked up shirt and trousers which they both can wear in different wayscredit: supply
Couple thinks it's the best way to save money

Couple thinks it’s the best way to save moneycredit: supply

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