A large bison is safe at a wildlife park in western Quebec after a horrific incident over the weekend.

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The head of a bison, weighing more than 450 kilograms, got stuck in the open window of a small car at Park Omega, east of Gatineau, near Montebello, Ky., on Sunday.

“Someone opened the window and … Bison put his head inside the car and I was shocked,” said Leonardo Heizer, who was in the park and captured the now-viral video.


Heiser and his family drove from Ottawa, hoping to see bison for the first time since immigrating to Canada from Brazil four years ago.

Instead what he saw was what park staff said had never happened before.

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“I was thinking someone was definitely going to get hurt,” Heizer said.

Thankfully, employees say the bison was able to free itself from the vehicle in about ten minutes without harming itself or the people in the car.

“He wasn’t trapped for that long, so thankfully it was just more nervousness rather than anything else, so he didn’t hurt and he managed to get himself back out and it didn’t hurt, so we got a lot for him.” Is grateful.” said Lucy Robertson, a staff member at Parc Omega.

Robertson says the incident is a reminder of the importance of following the rules of the park.

“All of our safety regulations have been put in place to avoid any incidents like what happened on Sunday, and just to ensure the safety of both the animals and our visitors,” she said.

The park explicitly forbids people from opening their windows or feeding the animals in the bison enclosure.

Heiser says the car involved was heavily damaged.

“The windshield was damaged and the column between the front window and the windshield was also damaged,” he said.

Park staff could not say whether the driver of the vehicle would face any punishment as a result of the incident.

The park remains open and visitors can still see bison in its enclosure.