I would block ambulance with dying patient inside, XR founder says

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The founder of Extinction Rebellion insisted today that he, too, would stop an ambulance after shocking footage emerged of a female eco-warriors slapping her as her mother was taken to a hospital.

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Roger Hallam said he would not have gone to the distressed woman outside the Blackwall Tunnel to deliver the group’s message.

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A woman can be seen shouting at Insulate Britain workerscredit: LBC
Roger Hallam said he doesn't go to the ambulance with the dying patient

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Roger Hallam said he doesn’t go to the ambulance with the dying patientcredit: Alamy

Speaking to The London Economic podcast, Unbreak the Planet with Mike Galsworthy, the eco-warrior said he would “be there”.


And when asked if he wouldn’t budge if someone was dying in the ambulance, he simply replied “yes”.

Do you know the woman involved? Have you been affected by today’s protest? Email [email protected] or call 0207 782 4368

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He said: “What we are talking about is the loss of people’s pensions over the next ten years, the loss of people’s incomes, the mass migration of millions of people, the indescribable injustice done to people of color in the global South because in the North. for the collective interest of the people.

“We are talking about the greatest crime in human history perpetrated by the rich against the global poor.

This morning a woman chased her mother in an ambulance begging “selfish” eco-warriors to let her pass as they took the four corners of London hostage in yet another protest.

The capital was plunged into lockdown this morning as Insulate Britain closed major routes into the Blackwall Tunnel, Hanger Lane, Wandsworth Bridge and Arnos Grove.

On the A102 Blackwall Tunnel approach, cars could be seen piled up as Londoners tried to enter the city.

Harrowing footage showed a woman making a desperate plea to workers as they stopped her from following her 81-year-old mother in an ambulance.

A group of protesters could be seen standing as the desperate daughter shouted: “She’s in the ambulance, she’s going to Canterbury – do you think I’m an idiot? She’s in Canterbury!

“I have to go to the hospital, please move your cars. It’s not okay!”

Despite her helpless cries, the protesters refused to budge.

And the woman can be heard begging: “How can you be so selfish? It’s very selfish. Can’t you understand, my mother is 81 years old and she is going to the hospital.

“Unbelievable. Let it be at your discretion.”

This happened as chaotic scenes unfold across the city and furious commuters desperately tried to get to work on time.

Anger flared up at Wandsworth Bridge as drivers dragged protesters off the road hoping to drive around them.

Covering a worker with his vest, a man raged: “I have **** work to do, get off the street.”

Other drivers joined in, pulling the protesters to the side of the road so that their cars could pass when the activists demanded.

A van nearly knocked down a group on the Blackwall Tunnel as it tried to drive around them while others honked their horns.

The Metropolitan Police said it has since arrested 38 people on suspicion of conspiracy to obstruct the highway and cause public nuisance.

The force said that there was heavy disruption on the A2, A3, A12 and A40, though the roads remained open.

In a statement on Twitter, the Met said: “We consider protests of this nature inappropriate and are acting as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to members of the public using the roads.”

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It's the latest in the days of traffic chaos sparked by the group

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It’s the latest in the days of traffic chaos sparked by the groupCredits: LNP
Police wrestling with a protester on Hangar Lane

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Police wrestling with a protester on Hangar LaneCredits: LNP
Angry commuters try to pull protesters off the road at Wandsworth Bridge

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Angry commuters try to pull protesters off the road at Wandsworth Bridge

Insulate Britain, which wants the government to commit to providing insulation for 29 million homes, said around 50 people were involved in today’s demonstration.

Responding to footage of people being pulled from the road, the group said: “We share the disappointment of people being late on the streets today.

“While the Insulate Britain protests may end immediately, the government has a choice – make a meaningful statement that we can count on insulating our homes, or decide to imprison those who are part of their country’s lives.” are more afraid of destruction, because they are fined or sentenced to six months.”

In recent weeks they have blocked slip roads, glued themselves to the road and poured paint on the carriageway of the M25, which runs around London.

Speaking on GB News this morning, Craig Scudder said: “We are moving forward. There will be disruption today and I apologize for that but we are continuing until the government issues a meaningful statement about this.” how they are going to address this issue.

“We’re creating jobs, we’re stopping people from dying, we’re lifting people out of fuel poverty – it’s really just a victory.”

This comes after the government obtained a High Court injunction against the protests last week, meaning anyone blocking the M25 could be found in contempt of court, with a maximum jail term of two years. or an unlimited fine may be imposed.

But that hasn’t stopped the shameless eco warriors for blocking roads across the country.

Activists stormed the M4 on Friday and affixed themselves to the M1 during rush hour, before a frustrated driver ripped a sign off their hands and threw it into some bushes.

They targeted the M4 at Junction 3 near Heathrow Airport and the M1 at Brent Cross in north London.

About 30 hi-vis-wearing environmentalists joined their tenth protest in a matter of weeks.

Some chained themselves as they put up banners in the middle of the road, while others stuck themselves to the surface and even to each other.

Amid the chaos, Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “The right to protest is a fundamental tenet of our democracy, but we will not tolerate guerrilla tactics that hinder people in their day-to-day business.

“This is why we will increase the maximum penalty for obstructing a motorway to an unlimited fine or up to six months in prison – or both.

“While the Labor Party stands on the side of these so-called ‘workers’, the Conservative Party will always support the law-abiding, hard-working majority in this country.”

Eco-protesters have blocked the Blackwall Tunnel in London

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Eco-protesters have blocked the Blackwall Tunnel in LondonCredits: LNP
Insulate Britain's banner as Londoners are left in limbo

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Insulate Britain’s banner as Londoners are left in limbocredit: Insulate UK
the city plunged into chaos

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the city plunged into chaosCredits: LNP
Traffic piles up on the A102 Blackwall Tunnel approach

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Traffic piles up on the A102 Blackwall Tunnel approachCredits: LNP
Police vehicles tried their best to clear the chaos in the capital

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Police vehicles tried their best to clear the chaos in the capitalCredits: LNP

Desperate woman behind mother’s ambulance prompts UK protesters to move as they blocked four corners of London

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