IBM claims it has made a major breakthrough in constructing a quantum computer

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IBM says it has built a quantum processor it says cannot be emulated by a classical computer.

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If true, the processor would represent a major breakthrough in quantum computing, which proponents say could revolutionize the way we are able to deal with information.

The company says that the quantum processor is capable of so much that in order to emulate its capabilities with a conventional computer, it would require more bits than atoms in each individual existence.


Quantum computers have long been heralded as the future of computing. But actually using them practically has proven difficult, producing reliable and large-scale examples of the technology.

According to Engadget, IBM says it has taken this a step further by creating a new design that puts components on different layers, and qubits — the quantum version of bits — all on their own layer, which reported the success.

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Some details about the Eagle processor are still unclear. It said that it is still in the experimental stage and is still being explored.

The company declined to announce how it performed on measures of “quantum volume,” for example—a metric first introduced by IBM that easily compares the performance of different quantum systems. Is. This makes it difficult to say how capable the processor is, and how it might compare with others.

IBM has cited its success as an example of “quantum supremacy”, a milestone that refers to the moment when a quantum computer is capable of performing calculations that a classical computer is not. Instead, it says the system is a step towards that.

Google and IBM had a public spat in 2019 when Google claimed it had reached quantum supremacy in a widely acclaimed success. However, IBM pointed out that this was an “inevitable” use of the phrase because Google computers could only solve a specific equation.


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