Ice-T call Rush Limbo a ‘racist piece of sh * t’ over an old insight

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    Right-wing radio personality Rush Limbag died on February 17, revealing reactions of true grief from political grief to celebration. While people on the conservative side of the aisle are reminiscent of how funny they think their death is or the use of their death, the consequences of long-held elections, others are remembering How much damage his comment could cause.

    Rap On the other hand, the pioneering Ice-T revealed his opinion long ago and chose instead to tell fans of his old tweet what they thought of Rush Limbagh. Citing his own post from July of 2012, Ice-T recalled a backhand he once received from Rush and believed it to be about the vocal host. “Rush Limbog said he was impressed that I knew the word ‘atrocity’,” reads the old tweet. “A racist piece of sh * t.” “Given the fact that he recited this five-year-old tweet a few days after the man’s death, it is probably safe to assume that Ice’s opinion hasn’t changed much since.

    Ice-T has found something of a third life (after his second as Evergreen Sergeant Finn Ballola) Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) Thanks for his funny political commentary on Twitter. Recently, his comments about Trump’s second impeachment trial surprised fans, while his reactionary response by his father-in-law to contract COVID-19 suggests that he was more than a respectable replacement for the departed crowd Will, should they ever decide to chase Pandit. .


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