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An Illinois mother was seriously injured on Sunday night when she was preparing her 7-month-old daughter for bed and reading the Bible to the child, a report said.

Registered nurse Melanie Yates, 23, was shot in the head at around 9 p.m. inside her home in Zion, Illinois. Granthshala 32 Chicago. He died the next day at a nearby hospital.


Chicago gang shooting: Lightfoot asks Feds to review evidence, as prosecutor Granthshala charges no charges

“To shoot my daughter in the head, she’s reading the Bible to her youngest 7-month-old daughter, getting ready for bed,” said Yates’ mother, Lam Calderone. “It’s untrue.”

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She leaves behind her husband and two young children, the Lake & McHenry County Scanners. informed of.

The Zion police told the police station that shells were found in the area. Officials have not identified a suspect.

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“Everyone who knew Lani knew that she loved Jesus Christ with every fiber of her. There is no doubt that she is in heaven at the moment. But we on earth remember her dearly. ,” Brother Stephen Calderon told the Paper.

A GoFundMe for the Family raised up $40,000.