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This morning, families in California’s Central Valley paid more than $75 to fill a standard fifteen-gallon tank on their way to work. If they drive a pickup truck, they probably paid more, like $120 to fill up.

What people need to know is that when they pump their gas in California, they pay more than a dollar per gallon between state and federal taxes. That means the government is making $3 a gallon $4 and $4 a gallon $5.


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These taxes are going to go toward fixing our roads and bridges, but here’s the kicker: Our families are being taxed twice at the pump for a service – rebuilding our infrastructure – they’re only coming back once. Huh.

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After the federal government approved the largest infrastructure bill in a generation, a bill loaded with so much money that it slashed every state’s gas tax revenue, the state still heavily taxed households at the pump. are!

So what exactly can be done to fix these insane gas prices? The President Has Some Power to Help (and President Biden’s) Decision It’s good to leave 50 million barrels of oil out of strategic reserves) but that’s all he can do. Now that the federal government is finally investing in infrastructure, it’s time to cut gas taxes and give our families a break.

Now, California Highest The gas tax in the nation costs drivers more than 50 cents per gallon. Similar taxes in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the country are forcing drivers to pay even more so they can make it to work and back.

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State governments, soon to receive billions in federal infrastructure money, should not flee drivers to pay for the roads and bridges the federal government is already paying to fix, especially as businesses recover from the pandemic. are recovering. Instead, state lawmakers across the country should freeze and reduce these gas taxes to bring money back into the pockets of working families.

In my state of California, as just one example, lawmakers in Sacramento expected the gas tax to raise $5 billion a year when implemented in 2017. They could not predict that they would achieve a budget surplus of $31 billion in 2022 and Receiving Nearly $30 billion in federal dollars from the new bipartisan infrastructure law.

So good news – they should see that the tax needs to be reevaluated now that they have enough money to repair their roads and bridges, right? Unfortunately, it is not so. There has been zero agitation for tax cuts.

As long as consumers have to bear gas prices in the $5, $4 or $3 per gallon range, lawmakers need to wake up and see that they are part of the problem. Of course we need to make sure our projects are fully paid for, but we should not burden working families. Especially in times like these.

Gas taxes hurt our families and our economy, while penalizing those who are just trying to get by.

Now that we’ve finally made federal investments in our infrastructure and our state governments are running surpluses like we’ve never seen before, it’s time to bring gas costs back down to earth by cutting gas taxes nationwide.

Democrat Josh Harder represents the 10th Congressional District of California in the United States House of Representatives.