“I’m changing my mind every time” – Corey Sandhagen gives his prediction of the next UFC bantamweight title [Exclusive]

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    Cory Sandhagen feels the upcoming UFC bantamweight title fight may be better for the challenge between Petr Yan and Alzman Sterling. While The Sandman himself is constantly changing his mind regarding the prediction for the title fight, he believes that the man who once defeated him can secure the title from Yan.

    The No. 2 rank bantamweight fighter is in contention to fight for the title sooner rather than later. Whoever comes out with a win between Yan and Sterling could go to welcome Corey Sandhagen if he defeats Frankie Edgar this weekend.

    SportsKida caught Corey Sandhagen during UFC Vegas 18 Virtual Media Day. Sandman believes that Sterling is one who possesses an unconventional style and is a really great sport, as well. Whereas, Yan is the exact opposite and his striking is pretty conservative.

    “I’m changing my mind every week, when I’m asked this week, so we’ll stick around with Sterling this time. Sterling I think just like, you know, he has an unconventional style and he’s really Hai is battling great. I don’t know if really great Yan is battling, I think you know that January strike really well, but it’s very conservative, not really too crazy about it. is. “

    Sandhagen said that whatever he chooses, the title fight is an interesting match. And he must be watching the box himself closely.

    “I don’t know, if you ask me next week, I can change my mind and say yan, and so I think it’s a kind of coin, it’s a super interesting match, and you know , I’m really excited to see this fight. “

    Cory Sandhagen to earn next shot at UFC bantamweight title

    Cory Sandhagen is arguably in a prime position to get the next shot at the UFC Bantamweight Championship. Sandman will battle veteran and former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar, at the co-main event of UFC Vegas 18 this weekend.

    The winner of the bout is expected to receive the title shot and face either Petr Yan or Alzamen Sterling for the UFC bantamweight title.

    Published 05 Feb 2021 13:44 IST

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