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The Texas governor’s race presents a pivotal moment for our great state. Amidst the devastating Democrat policies wreaking havoc on the American economy and the soul of our nation, Texas serves as a beacon of growth, prosperity, and freedom. As governor of Texas, I will put it that way.

This race has put Texas on the front lines of the fight against ideologies that undermine our thriving economy, energy independence, national security, basic principles of law and order, and the conservative values ​​of faith, family, and freedom that Texans hold dear.


Beto O’Rourke based his George Soros-funded campaign on a theory that would destroy Texas success. I won’t let that happen.

My policies as governor have paved the way for more opportunities for millions of Texans while preserving everything that makes our state extraordinary. Since I took office as governor in 2015, Texas has broken one record after another for economic growth and innovation. Even as the economies of 40 other states – and the nation as a whole – contracted in the second quarter of 2022, the $2 trillion Texas economy led the US in economic growth. In the past year, Texas has added more jobs than any other state in the country and more Texans are earning paychecks than ever before in our state’s history. But our state’s powerhouse economy depends on credible, conservative leadership to hold the line against reckless Democrat policies anti-development and opportunity.

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Texas dominates several important industries. Our oil and gas industry not only drives Texas’ economy – it powers the nation. Beto’s promises of a “transition” away from this vital industry will affect the livelihoods of millions of Texans while further eroding America’s energy independence and security. Imagine if Beto, who supports the radical Green New Deal, took over as the nation’s top energy producer.

Beto O’Rourke and Democrats are also ignoring the national security and humanitarian crisis on America’s southern border. After a record-low crossing under President Trump, 2.2 million people attempted to cross the border illegally in the past year under President Biden. This is more than the population of 15 US states and is about the size of Houston, the largest city in Texas. Still, Democrats like Beto have cheaply rejected and distracted from my unprecedented efforts to protect Texas.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks to the 2022 CPAC crowd in Dallas, Texas

Our state is the only one in history which has built a wall on its border. I launched Operation Lone Star and deployed the Texas National Guard and law enforcement to respond to the chaos caused by President Biden’s border crisis. Our law enforcement has confiscated enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child in America. As Texas bore the brunt of President Biden’s failure, I began settling migrants in the sanctuary cities of Washington, D.C., New York City and Chicago to relieve border communities and highlight the need for federal action on border security.

As governor, I have ensured that our brave law enforcement gets unwavering support. I signed the “Back the Blue” law that restores statewide public safety policies and protects any city that defames the police. Austin, a champion of Beto’s misguided “defy the police” crusade, was forced to reinstate a $100 million cut from his police department budget.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

I also gave top priority to education. I’ve added more funding to public education than any governor in Texas history. Funding per student is now at an all-time high. And Texas has more Blue Ribbon schools than any other state in the US. However, liberal education policies steeped in politics are deviating from the lessons that will lead Texas students to a promising future. Whether it’s the need for separate instruction or freedom from radical political agendas in the classroom, Texas parents deserve to be the primary decision-makers on their child’s education—not just administrators, school boards, and teachers’ unions.

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Providing a bright future to the children of Texas begins with the family. There is no greater gift in my life and for my wife of 41 years, Cecilia, than our adopted daughter, Audrey. Adoption made our lives — and our families — whole, and I am forever grateful for my daughter’s life. Our Christian faith and the joy of watching it grow has deeply inspired my effort to ensure that every child in Texas is given a chance at life.

In this election, Texans have faced two widely different paths. While Beto’s abuses and publicity stunts make sensational news, they are proof that he lacks the experience and flair to serve as the leader of our great state. I will preserve the sensible policies and conservative values ​​that have made our state one of the greatest in the country for raising a family, starting a business, and pursuing Texas’ great opportunities.

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