President Joe Biden, the oldest man elected to the world’s most powerful office, is not only nodding in an apparent old age, but swaying helplessly in front of cameras with a quirky face that lends a subtle nod to American decadence. The world is Not only has he already exposed himself, both physically and mentally, as utterly unfit for the formidable task required of a US president in 2021: a Lincoln-esque politician who is fighting the furious rage of a nation. can save the abyss of a fractal republic, wound up and re-orient itself toward the discovery of a consistent common good.

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Biden is, quite simply, a man inappropriate to meet the challenges of the present moment. He has fallen out of his league and, hopefully sooner rather than later, finds himself out of political times. Indeed, there is a compelling case that that time is now. Such is the way Biden has handled America’s (long-pending) withdrawal from the backwaters of Afghanistan needlessly fail, then dripping with patent gross ill-will, and so blatantly subversive of his solemn constitutional oath and his Commander-in-Chief privilege that the appropriate short-term remedy is obvious: impeachment.

The President’s impeachment standard of the Constitution is all too well aware of former President Donald Trump’s own position as consumers of our politics. tests And Issuesof “treason, bribery, or other high offenses and misdemeanors”. Modern impeachments generally focus on the catch-all “higher crimes and misdemeanors” provision, and so does Biden’s own Afghan debacle-inspired impeachment case that hinges on that criterion.


Some may read “high crimes and misdemeanors” and easily conclude that, as former President Bill Clinton himself falsified in the late 1990s, the successful prosecution of the President’s impeachment requires such An actual black-letter criminal offense is required. But that reading, while reasonable at first, is wrong. It ignores the centuries-old history of the phrase “high crime and misdemeanor” as a legal term for art in common law. The proper explanation was presented by Alexander Hamilton Federalist No. 65: “The subject of [the impeachment trial’s] Jurisdiction are those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or in other words, the abuse or violation of any public trust.”

Any Democrat who doesn’t have a shockingly selective and short-term memory should understand this. Democrats attempted to impeach Trump for the first time, beginning in 2019 due to a completely unremarkable and anecdotal (if incomplete) phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which amounted to a five-page printed transcript, There is clearly nothing, if not alleged and amorphous “violation of some public trust.”

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Indeed, with Trump’s foreign policy quid pro quo phone call as a precedent for recent impeachment, Biden’s recently revealed July phone call with former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani is arguably Lonely enough to initiate impeachment proceedings. As Reuters reported earlier this week, Biden instructed Ghani to, if necessary, outright lie about the failed US-led effort to contain the Taliban. “I don’t need to give you the impression around the world and in some parts of Afghanistan that things are not going well in the fight against the Taliban,” Biden said. “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, that needs to present a different picture.”

In what sensible world is Biden’s abusive phone call to Gunny? Low Damn compared to Trump’s Ukraine phone call to Zelensky, in which the former president temporarily delayed the release of foreign aid eventually distributed as part of a retaliatory effort?

But Biden has, of course, discredited himself and tarnished America’s reputation in myriad ways beyond his unfortunate phone call to Ghani, which took place just weeks before the fall of Kabul. He and his administration have talked about the Taliban, a non-formed sharia supremacist jihadist organization, as a legitimate geopolitical actor capable of sharing sensitive information. It will be the same Taliban that turned a blind eye to the ISIS-K suicide bomber that killed 13 US soldiers outside Kabul airport and crippled dozens of others, and who recently went door-to-door to political opponents. is being put to death. Excessive. And it will be the same Taliban that has now freed thousands of extremely dangerous jihadist prisoners from Bagram Air Base and has secured, among other treasures, 73 US military planes and nearly 100 US military vehicles. Biden’s incompetence has directly freed terrorists and markedly strengthened the weapons stockpile of the jihadist group that harbored al-Qaeda prior to 9/11.

Most importantly, Biden has now lied to the American public regarding the evacuation of all American citizens from Afghanistan before the last military plane takes off from Kabul. “We’ll stop to get them all out,” Biden Told ABC News ‘George Stephanopoulos’ About the Americans stranded in Kabul on August 19, as the American withdrawal was moving along. It turned out to be untrue: at least 100 to 200 US citizens are stranded. It is hard to think of a more blatant breach of constitutional privilege by a US Presidential Commander-in-Chief, trapping American citizens in a hostile, jihadist-dominated foreign country while simultaneously expelling all military personnel from the region. as well as to move forward completely. .

Such conduct amounts to complete and complete disobedience of duty. The constitutional remedy for that humiliation is impeachment.

josh is hammer Granthshala Opinion Editor, a syndicated columnist and a research fellow with the Edmund Burke Foundation. Twitter: @josh_hammer.

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