In Pictures: Cheers and a few boos for King and Queen Consort on Welsh visit

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The King made his first visit to Wales after ascending the throne.

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Along with the Queen’s Consort, he made several appearances for the first time since succeeding his late mother, handing over the title of Prince of Wales to his son William.

Some protesters expressed their views about the monarchy, but the royal couple were well received by the crowd after a visit to the synod at Cardiff Castle, where condolences were expressed over the loss of their mother, the Queen.


The King met Shinkin IV, the regimental mascot of the Royal Welsh Third Battalion, and held another walkout meeting members of the public.

He met with charity workers, clerics, and a particularly poignant moment was a meeting with relatives of those affected by the Aberfan disaster in the 1960s.

The Queen faced some criticism at the time for having seen a slow arrival in Wales, but the King was told that relatives felt her mother’s timing was right when she was visiting.

Anti-monarchical dissidents also made their voices heard but the king was warmly welcomed on his first visit as king – others applauded with him at the loss of his mother, who will be buried on Monday.


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