Ottawa – Incoming Canadian Army Commander Lt-Gen. Trevor Cadeau’s promotion to the top of the military has been withheld due to a sexual misconduct investigation.

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While details surrounding the investigation are sparse, Granthshala News has learned that a female veteran accused Cadiu of sexual misconduct and that she had filed a complaint with the Canadian Army National Investigative Service (CFNIS), the investigative arm of the Canadian Military Police, in early September. talked to. .

Cadiu was to take over as army commander on 7 September, but just two days earlier, Acting Defense Chief General Wayne Eyre suspended the ceremony after he was told that the CFNIS was investigating “historic allegations” against Cadiu. Had been.


“The postponement of the ceremony is not an indictment of Lieutenant-General Cadeau,” the Defense Department and the Canadian Armed Forces said in a joint statement. “However, in the light of the ongoing investigation, it was decided to allow the justice system to proceed with the matter in accordance with the rule of law.”

Cadieu is a 29-year veteran of the military and has served in both Bosnia and Afghanistan. Recently, he was advising the Chief of Defense Staff.

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“The allegations are false, but they must be thoroughly investigated to uncover the truth,” Cadiu wrote in a statement provided by the military.

Cadiu said he has provided the information to investigators and has taken “other measures to prove my veracity and innocence.” He has also asked Eyre to consider someone else to take over as Canadian Army Commander.

“I know these false claims, as intended, will raise doubts about my ability to lead in this environment,” Cadiu said.

“While I have dedicated every day of my career to making fellow members feel respected and included, Canadian Army soldiers deserve a leader who is free of charge and can lead at this critical time when culture is changing. Addressing systemic malpractices and preparing strategic teams for operations should remain a priority effort.”

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan’s spokesman Todd Lane told Granthshala News that the minister became aware of the allegation on September 5, the same day Ayre was there.

The charges against Cadiu are the latest in several misconduct allegations against high-ranking military members, which have prompted calls for the removal of Sajjan as defense minister and criticism of the government’s handling of the allegations.

With files from the Canadian Press