Indian female Olympian who traveled to the finals of an event at the Summer Olympics

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    A unique way to make a lasting impression on our loyalists at the Summer Olympics, beholding history is something that attracts us to the biggest sporting spectacle, time and time again in the world.

    No sporting event enriches a tradition and history like sports, it is a great thing for any Olympian to represent a country, fight it for pride and passion and reach the final of an event.

    Come, take back your memories and revisit some of the best performances by Indian women athletes on the most spectacular stage of the game.

    # 9 4×400 women’s relay event

    Rank (Final) – 7th

    Edition: 1984 Summer Olympics

    Talking about women’s 4 × 400 relay events, Summer Olympics in India is quite interesting chronicle. One of the earliest relay wins for the nation was at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

    The team, which included veterans like MD Valsamma, PT Usha, Vandana Rao and Shiney Abraham, demonstrated their ability to qualify for the final event of the women’s 4×400-meter relay at the 1984 Summer Games. Although it was not a winning homecoming for the quartet, they made a brilliant effort to finish seventh in the event.

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    # 8 PT Usha – 400m Hurdles (Athletics)

    Rank (Final): Fourth

    Edition: 1984 Los Angeles Olympics

    In 1984, India made rapid strides in athletic sports. For 20-year-old PT Usha, making a grand appearance at the Olympics was no easy feat, until he became a stranger to history. Even after 35 years, she remains one of India’s great prospects in the athletic ecosystem.

    She Confident of Romania’s Cristiana Kojocaru headed for Los Angeles equipped with the confidence to change the past. However, a portion of the second cost is a spot on India’s podium. She Kept the entire country on the edge of their seats until she was out 1 / 100th of a second in the 400m hurdles. The efforts of PT Usha had won him over as the adorable of millions and on high odds, on and off the field.

    # 7 4×400 Women’s Relay Event

    Ranked in finals: 7th

    Edition: 2004 Summer Olympics

    It is believed that India’s relay success story at the 1984 Olympics helped women athletes set new trends in the nation’s sports landscape.

    The country recorded its best women’s relay performance at the 2004 Athens Olympics, when the team of Rajwinder Kaur, KM Beenmol, Chitra K. Soman and Geeta Satti set a national record of 3: 26.89 in the heat to qualify for the final leg.

    The team came third after USA and host Greece in the semi-finals and later finished last among the seven teams in the final.

    # 6 Suma Shirur – 10 Meter Air Rifle, Shooting

    Rank (Final): 8th

    Edition: 2004 Summer Olympics

    Rifle shooter Suma Shirur is known for his joint national record in the 10m air rifle qualification round at the Asian Athletics Championships in Kuala Lumpur, where he shot an ideal 400.

    His gold-winning effort, along with Anjali Bhagwat, earned him a berth at the Athens Olympics. With a total score of 497.2 points, Shirur finished eighth in the final.

    # 5 Anju Bobby George – Long Jump (Athletics)

    Rank (Final): 5th

    Version: 2004 Athens Games

    Anju Bobby George competing in long jump at Athens OlympicsAnju Bobby George competes in the long jump at the Athens Olympics

    The first Indian athlete to win a medal at the World Championships in Athletics Jumping, Anju Bobby George broke the national long jump record and entered the final of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

    She At the Games came in fifth place with a personal best of 6.83 meters. Unfortunately, she could not win the medal.

    # 4 Krishna Poonia – Discuss Throw (Athletics)

    Rank (Final): 6th

    Edition: 2012 Summer Olympics

    Krishna Poonia with her Commonwealth Games gold medal Lalita Babbar in action during Rio Olympics

    Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza during Rio Olympics Dipa Karmakar performing the Produnova vaultPublished 12 February 2021 16:56 IST

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