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Among President Biden’s decisions to order unvaccinated workers to be fired, to continue paying Americans for not working, to adequately address supply chain issues caused by backlogs at US ports. Their failure in the U.S., and a domestic energy policy that has pushed gas prices up to close to $4. on the east Coast And about $5 per gallon On the West Coast, Democrats are setting America up for its “long winter,” Laura Ingraham said in her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Monday.

From the first day that Biden unilaterally canceled the Keystone XL pipeline through an alleged vaccine-mandate-related turmoil at US airports last weekend, and to this day, Biden and his cabinet have proved the American people Given that they are not competent enough to govern, the host said.


“We already know that Biden’s team is incompetent on many fronts, his shaming performance in Afghanistan. In foreign policy, his humiliation at the table from his counterparts and that imports a trifecta of disasters from COVID to crime to poverty at the border But as nightmare as it has all been, Biden with his pathetic handling of the economy is on track to eclipse it all,” she said.

Ingraham noted that President Trump left Biden with a strong economic, border security and vaccine-supply position, but Delaware Democrats began to ravage it almost immediately.

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“All Biden had to do was to do number one, make the vaccine widely available, number two, remove all restrictions on economic activity and number three, Trump-era policies and the hard work of the American people get us back into a booming economy.” We enjoyed before COVID,” she said.

“Of course, he did the exact opposite. He downplayed Trump’s policies, overindulged with vaccine mandates and scared the public to stay at home. And over the past few days, we’ve seen Biden’s radical agenda on the economy. It all started with Friday’s disappointing jobs report.”

He noted that gas prices are up an average of 43% from last winter and added that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm — formerly the Democratic governor of Michigan — is “working hard to turn it around.”

In a clip, Granholm announced that the US does not have its own oil and gas supply and is dependent on the market – adding that it is important to focus on a “clean energy environment”.

Ingraham said that Granholm is either “stupid, himself, or thinks we are” – alluding to the fact that the US has virtually no energy-producing capabilities, a national strategic petroleum reserve, and billions of dollars. Oil and gas are to be captured in places like Alaska. , Pennsylvania, New York, North Dakota and Texas.

Ingraham went on to say for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on inflation, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for cargo ship bottlenecks at US ports, and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh to say they “do not have an answer” for the current labor shortage.

“When you look at it all together,” Ingraham said, “the totality of the disability is quite staggering.”

“So it looks like we’re in for a long and hard winter—especially a winter of scarcity and despair for Americans living in cities beset by restrictions, mandates, and you throw cold weather into that, my goodness.” ,” He said .

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“There is no defense of Biden’s policies or his performance … I bet you all are thinking this is disappointing, we are in for a rough ride and yes, we are for a while,” she continued .

“But we should never give in to despair. I said this the day after the election, keep a stiff upper lip, we know how to turn things around and with time, we will. We survived Jimmy Carter, we It can be avoided. The Carter years led to Ronald Reagan and if the American people are smart and I think they are, Biden will be leading new and better economic policies after the year 2024.”