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In her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Thursday, host Laura Ingraham warned that the sudden 180-degree turn by the mainstream media and leftist “mob” against comedians and actors Dave Chappelle and Arizona Sen. They will eventually be targeted for not being loyal enough to an issue.

Ingraham noted that Sinema was praised by the media and fellow Democrats since she ran and won in 2018 — the first time a Democrat has held a Senate seat in that state since the former intelligence committee chair. Denis DeConcini retired in 1994.


The host played the clip praising Cinema for being openly bisexual, likable, and as New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand put it, “a dear friend.”

However, once she revealed her opposition to a multi-trillion-dollar socioeconomic overhaul called Human Infrastructure, she quickly fell out of favor—earning a spot on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” and, more seriously. From, disturbed and filmed in a bathroom. And on a plane.

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Ingraham noted that Chappelle was always a mainstream favorite, with his sharp and often outrageous comedy. He was once even praised for criticizing him and “The Ingraham Angle” in one of his acts, he said.

However, once Chappelle spoke during a Netflix performance about how he agreed with Harry Potter creator Joan “JK” Rowling that biological gender is real, despite claims from transgender activists, the “mob” came for her as well.

“[They] JK Rowling canceled. Oh God. She said gender was a fact. And then the trans community went crazy [expletive], Chappell said of the English writer.

“The crowd never sleeps,” Ingraham replied. “The same Left forces that raised him are trying to topple him.”

He said that National Public Radio critic Eric Degans has gone to the extent of accusing Chappelle, who is black. Claiming “White Privilege” in that situation.

“The fact that there is no one to satisfy the mad leftists but the projects and projects of the Democrat Party of today. There is no point in anyone trying to pacify them or even pay attention to them. No, because there will always be a day when you miss him constantly going round and round,” Ingraham said.

“Now, Kirsten cinema should know this by now. It doesn’t matter if she’s the ‘first’ that she’s wearing a funny outfit or that she voted to impeach Trump twice. That’s not enough. Now When she stands in the way of the passage of the Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar plan to radically remake this country, well, she’s left-wing enemy number one.”

“Unless you are 100% obedient and willing to compromise your beliefs for every leftist crusade, they will eventually come for you. Just ask Dave.”