It is becoming clear that Joe Biden and the Democrats do not want pre-coronavirus “normal” to return to the US, Laura Ingram argued on Wednesday night.

“If you thought you would be free of masks and COVID concerns in the spring or summer because of vaccines and acquired immunity, you have another idea to come,” The Ingram Angle host recounted Biden’s statement on Tuesday The next Christmas by “who expects”, “America One” will be in a very different situation.

“We’re never going back to normal under Biden …” Ingram predicted. “It should surprise someone … Democrats, media, medical cartels, they are all working to scare you, complain and keep you quite frankly distracted. How to keep you away from their disastrous policies and What are you going to do? “

The host warned that under Democratic rule: “Two weeks to flatten the curve turn into two years to flatten the economy, and if they have their way, the Constitution. That’s why ‘The Angle’ Since last April, the objective has been demanding a matrix. “

Harris provides zero clarity on school reopening during interviews

She Said: “The evidence from states such as South Dakota and Florida is clear, lockdowns don’t work. They just destroy small businesses, create massive unemployment, and increase … depression. Just what they teach For what we have done. There is enough reason to fire every single governor of the blue state who has closed our schools. “

Under the administration’s evergreen guidelines, Ingram said, the White House’s chief medical adviser, Dr. There will always be an upcoming holiday or other “superspreader” event to warn about Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“It would be the perfect set-up for all Democrats to press Universal Mail-in ballots for Middles. You know it’s coming,” she said. “Once again, Fauci is insisting that with the vaccine, in-person turnout is still unpredictable, it can be safe, but it can also be dangerous. Total bulls

“I’ll also bet that they will try to stop any kind of political rallies, especially if Trump or his supporters are involved. If weare ourselves thin on the pretext of the virus, Biden will face other emergencies such as the threat of a White House domestic emergency Will fight situations. ” Or climate change, or systemic racism is justified to curb our civil liberties, ”she concluded.

“For all of this nonsense, we should answer with an inequality ‘no.” We are moving forward with our lives. We are going to church, we are going to school, we are going to the movies or going to concert, wedding, graduation, funeral, wherever we want. We are going to vote If we have to do with our feet, and when we do, the blue states will simply be left behind. “