A 52 year old Soul wheel The instructor and Instagram influencer in New York City put an iconic coronovirus vaccine on Staten Island, which according to one report is “educative”.

Stacey Griffith scored the jab on Friday, even as the city is short of vaccines, which has been tens of years Appointments are being postponed And this Temporary closure of vaccine sites Spread across the city.

“VACCINE DAY! A phase of modern magic !! One hour drive to STATEN ISLAND every minute!” In a Friday Instagram post deleted since Griffith tagged at Port Richmond High School on the island’s North Shore, According to The Daily Beast. “It seems to be a village.”

Coronavirus: You Know What You Knew

But soon after Griffith shared the post with more than 64,000 of his followers, he faced the wrath of commentators, who said he and his loved ones had yet to be able to get their hands on the vaccine – in some cases Several underlying diseases, including qualified factors, have been reported in the report.

Reached by The Daily Beast, Griffith argued that her job qualified her as a “teacher” – with school teachers currently eligible for the vaccine in New York, as well as seniors 65 and older – and her vaccinations. Helped keep them safe.

“My vaccination can prevent the spread within the groups!” Griffith told the outlet.

“I serve as a common point for many overlords. As a teacher in my profession of health and well-being, it is my priority daily to operate my community and their respiratory system to the fullest potential so that they are infected To beat this virus. ” If I am healthy myself then I can teach them. “

Griffith said he “has the same opportunity everyone has online and fills a questionnaire,” and has not called in any “favors” or paid money to smooth the wheels.

She It also said that it was helping to build confidence in the vaccine’s safety and set a positive example.

“All teachers are eligible to apply for the vaccine,” she told The Daily Beast via text message. “My post today was to show my faith in the system, in our government, and I hope everyone knows at least more easily that I have gone through this process!”

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Mayor Bill de Blasio failed to see Griffith’s path when he learned of the controversy during the Sunday press briefing.

“There is no person I should be vaccinated with,” De Blasio said.

“I don’t think someone who shows up and says, ‘Hey, I should be a Saul bicycle instructor, unless there’s some other factor there,” said De Blasio with a laugh. “He should have been caught in the application process.”

Commissioner of the city’s Health Department, Dr. Dave Chokshi said that anyone who shows up at the testing site and does not meet the eligibility requirements should be put away – and stressed that eligibility is being investigated.

“Every person should verify on the application for their eligibility,” he said. “Once they are actually on the site, they have to be able to prove their eligibility with some kind of documentation.”

Griffith told The Daily Beast that he deleted the Instagram post due to negative reactions, but continued to defend his actions.

“I hate controversy,” he said. “It makes me sad that people go so dark and that means, I’m really just trying to do the right thing and be safe.”