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An Instagram model was seen in a video shared online in which she was seen smiling while she was questioned by police for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend the night before.

22-year-old Genie Axum was produced at the Manhattan Police Station on Tuesday night and released on bail. The New York Post reported.


Prosecutors say she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend, babyboy Pajulas, in the back and arm during a fight at her Hudson Yards apartment on Monday night. He said that Pajulas was bleeding when he entered the lobby, where around 6:45 pm a constable called the police.

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NYC Instagram model stabs beau with kitchen knife, police say

Axum shared a video of himself sitting next to a cop at the station after he was questioned by the police on Tuesday.

The video, which he posted from another account, shows him playing with the necklace while smiling.

“They took my phone, you all I am on trap rn,” Axum captioned.

According to The Post, Judge Michael Gaffy gave Axum a full security order, which requires him to stay away from Pajulas.

Hours before posting the video, he reportedly asked a Post reporter to subscribe to his OnlyFans account.